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Just waiting for some miracle to happen..

Not a good feeling ...... Too much is happening ..... and yet nothing at all !I do not know for sure what is bothering me all i know is it is ! I also believe in  prayers. Hopping the prayers work and the miracle happens..i really wish it does ! 
Anyways God bless ! and guess you guys had a great weekend !!!
Annular Solar eclipse ....Wow a celestial treat that was there for the longest period ... and will happen only in the year 3043!!! I dont know how many of you got a chance to watch this treat ! i did not :( i only followed it on television. My brother who had to go out for work got a chance to watch this till 3 !! Their office provided them eclipse filter glass ... The ring of fire ! wow just a wonderful phenomenon. and it is interesting to note that there are many science lovers (Physics to be precise) in the country who have travelled from north only to watch this wonder. Well for all eclipse chasers they can never witness anything this long for another 1000 years !! So bye for now ..Good night !
Busy-bee .. life !!:)

Aloha! Well i am welcoming myself back to the blogging world . How did i lose track of writing on this beautiful wall to work pressure and other jobs ?? I repent and what have i decided ..I am gonna blog every alternate day at least .. at least one liners !!!So i hope everything has been fine with all you friends.. Yes , yes .. here is wishing you a wonderful, happy -happy new year 2010 (belated) and yes happy makar sankrathi /pongal/baisaki.. Lots have been happening . I will just pen down in order of my thoughts .Music - Yes 'Marghazi season just got over and we had great 'kutcheris' have been happening around . Film music - the latest or the very recent flower to bloom is my favourite(infact world's fav) music composer's release.Yeah and you guessed it right , A.R.Rahman's new release 'Vinnai thandi varuvaya'!!! This was released just a couple of days ago and it is just so full of life and soul as usual. Yes as every other Rahman…