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Shooting stars and spirited souls.

Many a time we get to meet people younger , older or sometimes of similar age group. Strangers whom you just happen to hear about , whom you happen to meet for a few moments and so on . But even when you get to meet people always and very often not all will make a lasting impression in one's mind . 

I believe and accept Einstein's theory... Every particle is a bundle of energy . So are each one of us . We have energy , we are energy . When someone's energy either syncs in with that of ours or probably is more stronger than that of ours then we tend to notice and admire that person or probably become friends or very good companions. 

That is why we remember a few special people even when we have not had interaction with them because their good deeds travel past and we tend to remember them for their work , their style , words or whatever. 

Similarly off late i have been interacting and meeting a few special people , many people younger by a few years or may be of the same age or older by a few years , but yes we all belong to the same gen.. Gen Y !!! 

This blog post is dedicated to those few people who have been achieving , achieved and will achieve a lot and loaded with talent that it just makes me feel like " what i am doing and complaining about lack of time to even maintain my blog or pursue my passion ... 

But lo ! here i met and am meeting lot of guys who are not just doing what they want but they do lot more .... !! Their energy just bowls me out !!

To start with i want to share about a boy , young kid from Chennai . 

Name : Shakthivel . Pursuing : Final year BCA . College - oops i forgot ! 

Well what is special about him . He handles events . Well so what is big about that ? He is proprietor of a company 'Agenda Manpower Services' in short " AMPS"!!! . I happened to meet this spirited boy for one activity. very quick at learning and handles events with ease . I was happy and also surprised to see him handing over bills in 'his' company letter heads !! Looks like he is a business magnet in making !!! :) All the best boy .. God bless you. 

Well his busy schedule kept him away from my events and to over come that he send two of his friends. I was frankly skeptical because he send these boys only on the day of the event and i was not sure if they could handle it or not ! 

But finally there came two boys. Good not much to do in the 1st event so i was not sure if they could make great promoters . anyways i told them to be at my office for another big event ! Though it was not a bigg thing , it still was a first time BTL activity for our product Lavazza Club. There came a 'big' gang of boys . Smart , Quick and vibrant . All Engineering guys both final and prefinal year boys from a college in Chennai . 

After introducing myself and explaining about the product during a chat one of them extended their card to me ! Visiting card man !It was neat simple card . Their company is called Hybridz !Lo ! i was so so surprised for there i was holding and handing over cards that carry my company logo though in literal terms that is not 'my' company and these young boys give me a card that carries their company logo , brand and most important their passion . 

Their passion to achieve , to do and dare something good . Studies and college goes hand in hand . I am sure from my interaction though they would need to bunk classes for these activities they still must be the 'above average' in terms of 'marks in report' but surely extremely talented and intelligent naturally ! 

The team Hybridz is a joint effort of Pankaj , Hardik ,Shakthi(another shakthi) , Sarvanan(DJ Sarvi and yes Bullet Sarvan* :D)  and Vikram. - I named him bullet because of his unusual belt clip of a a gun/revolver and bullet design . Unusual because he wears it to his college !:)

The panch pandavas of Hybridz are really spirited , youthful , smart and innovative and from what i have seen socially responsible. These boys are all talented not just in handling events and organizing things but in lot more . Pankaj is the president of Rotract club of his college and is great designer . Self taught designer he works for his college brochures and other collaterals necessary for communication .  He is teacher's pet in college and most important guess he is a pinnacle of patience and goodness :) cool bro .. u seem to have great records. Shakthi and Hardik all the final year boys handle the Rotract club of the college and work for 'Shiksha' a cause to collect and create a library useful for the corporation children. This is a project started for a cause by Rotract and books can be given away to these boys so that it reaches out to the lesser equipped people of our society. Hardy is more of a PR side / arm of Hybridz and sure his 'million dollar smile' pulls lot many to his side. Shakthi the MD , is simple and softspoken yet with all the 'tags' of a college boy . Focused and determined are the two words that fit these boys right . Vikram and Sarvi are the juniors but no less talented . They also contribute their equal share in terms of work and ideas. Vikram is a topper and a business minded boy who helps his family business along with his own other activities in hand. Sarvi is a manpower resource for Hybridz and is a great DJ !:) guess  this team just rocks . They have loads of plans in their minds and i really wish God bless them with all what they want. 

Keep rocking boys . God bless you .

Then here comes yet another person whom i have wanted to write about for long . He is one whom i have met just once in a common biz quiz competition . He won the quiz with such amazing ease and i felt yes here is someone to watch out . Then we met online in the social media networking sites and only interaction remains mails and blogs and yes quiz groups. He is active in the quizzing fraternity and i am sure every one must have heard his name . He is Rohit Nair. Based in Bangalore , he is just a sure shot person to look out for in future he will make a mark for himself and may be who knows the whole world may talk about him.  More common traits other than interest in quizzing ( though i am just an amateur quizzer ) is that he and i share the same DOB and yes come from the God's own place!. 

He has also one more feather to his cap other than the 'n' number of cups and laurels he must have earned from quizzing , he recently won the Career launcher Tycoon 2009 award (1st Runner up) !! 

You must check out his blog if you are an avid quizzer /quiz craze -

Rohit , bro you rock and keep rocking ....

God bless !

Yet another quizzer ....Manas Nayak . The owner and brainchild behind the one and only quiz blog that rewards its quizzers please check out this link if you have not heard about this - March ahead

A person who is passionate about Quizzing and i am sure perfect person who could guide people through their path for he loves teaching and training . He has had experience with IMS and i am sure he must have trained many a young team. A very artistic yet modest person i have come across. ( i do not have his pic so i have not uploaded the same)

Well now you may wonder oh all boys(my another bro sri is also one such person whom i look forward writing about!)! nope there are a few girls who would be up on this - my best friends Gren , Dhanu , Dav and Arasi ... wait so will i :) soon....

hope the days that are to bloom spread the fragrance of peace and love and let every joy find its way to the sweet good people i have spoken about and many more in this world .

Please note that it is not that the above mentioned people are the only ones who have achieved and will achieve in future . There are many and many a number of people in this world who are really talented and born to achieve and lead in their own way . I have penned here only a few people whom i know a bit personally and on professional front too. God bless you all ..

Take care !

Happy night and weekend ! 


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