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Are we  Duty or Right   Conscious? - Independence !!! 

Yesterday ... oops actually day before yesterday as the time is now 12!! was the D day for every true Indian. Well wishing each one a Happy Independence day . For quiz freaks , especially Chennaiaites it is a day for fun and more gyaan . Yes the Landmark quiz - regional and the grand finale . For all quiz details please check this link for the questions of prelims Rohit's quiz blog ! . 

So what do i write ... hmm rather scribble on this occassion ? After a thought i asked my friend and the topic suggested was write about India being 'Right conscious' than 'Duty conscious'  . 

It has been solid 62 years since Independence and morever we are one of the oldest and greatest civilized nations of the world. No wonder the Britishers decided to exploit us , use our weakness . To come out of their clutches it took us many a long struggling years and our great freedom fighters made it happen so that we , the next gen live happy and peaceful . 

With all positive talents and potential with us we still have a long way to go and be. The optimistic side in me says , India will be the superpower very soon . But then there is one part in me that immediately looks at the state we are in today . 

Even when we are the only secular nation , we are still having to witness horrid moments like the Bombay, Coimbatore and Godhras and what not ? why? Just because there is a war in the name of caste and creed. Why ? Because the political parties and the politicians who run them have created these social barriers and always look at widening this gap between castes and religion so that it works in their favour. It was shameful when i heard that America( after all !!!) had listed us along with Afghanistan and other nations who are not Secular and intolerant to other religion!!It is just rubbish and all these evils in the society has made them think so !!!

There is still lot of women in the rural India who have been subject to early marriage (child marriage) and not allowed their right to education. 

Children are still used for labour , many being deprived of education. Corruption tops the chart and every single person somehow is a part of this system. 

Why ? 

Because we are NOT DUTY CONSCIOUS . Well by 'WE' i do not want to hurt any one but the larger section of this society barring a few are a part of this jung (also junk) ! !!! 

When there is a small change in the way some system works there is an uproar and people fight for the RIGHT. but when it comes to an individual commitment to the society , a sense of civic responsibilty most of them are mum. 

It is THE DUTY of every Indian citizen to keep the roads clean . Will you litter when you are in a place like Singapore ? 

It is THE DUTY of every Indian to be responsible socially in whatever manner possible. It could be giving an aid to a person from low financial/educational background , teaching the underprivileged , following the rules in traffic, not smoking in public areas, planting saplings, avoiding plastic as much as possible and if forced to use not to discard the same at any place, using less power at one's capacity , being strong in one's integrity , donating old books to the children , not encouraging bribery! 

Well these are the small things that can change when done by every individual of this country. 

Being a right conscious person is good but it makes more sense to be responsible for one's society and play one's role perfectly .

Hope this new year ( Independence) help us free from Corruption, from Poverty and illetracy and most important if these fall in place it is easier to fight the giant called ' Terrorism' . 

Hoping for a brighter future , wishing every Indian a Happy and prosperous Independence day !!

God bless, Good night ! 


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