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Back but Forlorn!
I am back. I know i have been going off and on and for a looooooooong period was in hibernation! Well hope i am back for good. Things have been pretty much hectic and yes interesting. Life sometimes teaches us lessons the hard way. I have also learnt it the same way. Hard from within or outside doesn't matter. All what matters is whether i got it right! Yes indeed i have. Many a time i have sat down rewinding my memories and looking at my past and learning all what i did and what I had experienced. It has been a journey quiet, interesting, tiring, cruel, boring, happy, sweet, irritating and yet lovely life!If I start writing down my thoughts would really be a great tide today and hence I stop right here. .... Looking for reasons ... looking for my smile , sometimes i dig deep down my thoughts and feel the pain. A pain which i detest yet love for it just reminds me of those days and moments of reality . Prayers help ... so that is the way .. writing works .. so her…