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Showing posts from April, 2009
Wishing my blog a happy birthday !!
A lovely dovely 3rd birthday today .....
Work and work keeping me away , 
even with many thoughts in my domain
i wish my blog a healthy 3rd birth day 
cos this year did seem not that great
not many was penned , 
just few scribbles to read
So i wish myself a healthier year 
a year to cherish and to smile throughout ...
I wish all , the humanity on whole
a lovelier year with many a reason to behold
to smile and to dream and to walk a mile more ...
I wish each one of you a year of peace ...
joy unbound and happiness to share ...

Thanks for reading this stupid yet a poem dedicated to my blog and readers…:D 

Thanks a lot to each one of you out there who has helped my blog smile so wide .. 3 years  
God bless !:)

tada... adios !