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V - Day - Violence or Valentine ?

A day for Love .. that is why we celebrate a Valentines day ! 

It is a cliched statement that, v day is not just a day for love , the entire life is for love so there is nothing special for this day . It is like saying a birthday . Every day , every single min we are having and living a new life , then why does one celebrate a birthday on a particular day ?

Similary every single day is meant for love and care but one special day to show that explicitly ... to share and to say Ï love you" ! Now do note this love is not just meant for a boy and a girl or a man and wife to propose , love , gift each other and yes promise many sweet sugary things . 

It is a day when one could tell their mom what she means to us, one could tell his/herdad how much they adore them and yes siblings - what it means to them to share a bond and yes friends how they colour their lives ...

It is a day to say , to shout to the world that I love you and you get back the same from the world!

Yes, every one loves making hay while the sun shines and so the corporates, retails and all Business minded people love to make their share of luck by selling out their goodies , giving offers for this special day . Like come with your valentine and get a bag of goodies free with a purchase worth Rs.1500/- . 

SMS to 5454 and win a honeymoon trip , win a honda civic or a cool pair of goggles !! :d what not !

Well who does'nt do this marketing technique ? Well what are we doing to woo our boy friend and girl friend or even friends and siblings for that matter ? We gift them and treat them to say we care for them and wanna get our share back , a big chunk ( may be the whole ) of their heart !:) 

What do they do for the days like "Akshaya thrithiya"? It wasn't popular too and now with the marketing gurus working on schemes to make people buy has popularised this day . 

So is it for a Valentine day . 

I personally do not believe that there is just a single day for love to love and to be loved but sure , i love this day . Feb 14th , though borrowed from the Western Calendar is  a lovely day . A day that creates a feeling , i need to wish and remember my beloved. be it parents, siblings , friends or better half!

Then what is the problem of these Sree Ram Sena people ? 

Are they insane ? They dont like Valentine's day ! Yes accepted . But who asked them to celebrate and enjoy ?

Let them be at home or office and do their work . Why stop the others who are happy ?

Sometimes i feel human beings have strange thoughts , but when i heard Sri Ram Sena's speech , i just felt that i was wrong . Certain Homo sapiens are STRANGE - Simply Idiotic and insane ! 

Muthalik of Sri Ram sena claims to be the Custodian of Indian culture ! Well wearing a khadi cloth in saffron shade and shaven head with talks of protecting culture by hitting and molesting girls in pub is the way the culture is guarded ?

Who is he ? A hero ? A devil ? I can only say he has got a very interesting thought wave and hence he must be kept under 24 hour observation !!! Please .. Jesus !

When you want to set things right why go to a pub and hit girls ? When pub is meant for drinks , what is his problem ? 

Yes i surely accept the fact drinks are bad ..i dont appreciate it either , but then it is my way . I do not drink doesnt mean others shouldnt! This is an individual perception and liking . 

If i want to try one day , i dont think there is any rule i shouldnt until or unless my conscience tells me not to . 

Muthalik is bringing up a New Taliban in india ! I dont believe it ! This beautiful India where Gods are worshipped in form of Devi , Durga , Lakshmi ,Saraswathi , Mother Mary , are women expected to safeguard the culture of India by staying within the four walls of her home ? 

Though it may be a fact that India is now leading towards western ideologies and thoughts , it still is very much rooted to the culture of our land. I am sure our age old tradition and values will never erode and such vandalising acts needs to be condemned by Law and every citizen. 

Muthalik expressing his concern as an old man that cultural value in India is changing would be okay  , as he is old he doesnt gel with the pulse of today but his ways to curb the silliest issues like V-day celebration or so is really "nauseating"! :P 

Aren't there any better work other than moral policing the youth of today ? Cant this time and energy be used to build roads, infrastructure , educate the poor, feed the hungry and pay right taxes and stop looting money from the government ?

Hmm .. when will these people do any thing like this ? I was surprised to see that such people come out easily with a bail and talk UTTER NONSENSE , SHEER RUBBISH AND ALL GARBAGE ..... YUCK! that too so easily in public .... 

Well just 2 days for the V- day  , in south it is a Ram Sena and it the west it is the Shiv sena .. well didnt Sri Ram ji and Shiv ji teach any other principles for a better living? 

Oh God these people commit SHAMELESS SINS all in HIS name ... !:(

Shakthi is given equal share by Shiva , do they remember that ? 

Anyways Wishing each one of you a special day , not just on V day but every single day. 

May Love spread through air and let its fragrance draw more hearts closer and let peace be the code word in the world !

Take care

Good night ! 

Ciao !


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