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Hi folks back ...

Well work has been taking my time and so are thoughts .. Anyways was wondering what do i prattle here on this blog site ! and lo! i am here with an amazing conversation ....

Would like to take you through the entire thing ...

We had some promo activity coming up and i was supposed to meet up with the event team for the same. I went , and before i visited ,  i had discussed the comemercials with another lady of the same event management company . 

When i met this nice gentleman , he took me through the entire place and told me what branding would i be getting there. he also informed i would have to pay Rs.500 extra per banner and standee i use there ! I reconfirmed with him asking if this Rs. 500/- per day per banner/ standee is other than the promo / sponsor fee we would be paying and he confirmed the same. 

Hearing this , i said " Okay sir , would get back to you on this after discussing internally with my boss"". for which he replied saying , "Please dont call me for that , do get in touch with the lady , whom you had discussed the commercials earlier. ". 

I nodded and travelled back to my office. The discussions with my boss and then his with the big boss ... :) finally we came to a conclusion , this amount is not really big to be bothered but we could still check with the event management team as we are regular business partners . Saying so i called up the lady of the team and found she was busy and hence she responded she would check on this and call back . 

We waited for her call , and post lunch almost about 3:00 pm when she didnt revert , i decided to check with her. I called her back . A male voice replied on the side.

Me : Hello !

Event company : Hello ! yes ( Male voice) 

Me: a lil surprised , as to who is this in her mobile .. anywyas i replied , hello is this Mr. Dhananjay?

(Dhananjay is the person who had taken me through the positions and branding options at teh venue)

Event company: Yes, who is this ? 

Me: Sir , this is Meenu here .

Event company : Oh yes ! Hi tell me ...

Me: No sir , u told me to get in touch with Nalini * the lady , there , regarding that Rs. 500 /- per day per item charges , so i am calling her . I had informed her and she said she would revert so just wanted to check if she has confirmed on this . 

Event company : Sorry , i dindt understand at all ma .. can you explain . 

Me: Okay sir , see , you had briefed me today that for sponsoring/ doing a promo in the event organised by you , we need to pay some per banner/ standee or display item charge  extra per day so i had checked that with Nalini seeing if she could look at waivering this off as we are working together regulary , and would do in future too. 

Event company : What ?? When did you assume things ?? When did i tell you this ? Did i say ??( he smirks)! 

Me : Baffled !!! What a liar   , he told me this and he s denying now ?? Oh my God , had i misunderstood a lot ..! I answer , yes sir , i did check with you if this is extra to the amount discussed for sponsoring the event . 

Event company : Well  , he he did i really tell you ? When .. anyways i can tell u now the details. 

Me : so dumbstuck at his nature , replying softly - okay sir  , please go ahead

Event company : See you as a promoter would be provided the space for the stall and ... blah blah branding would be given . We cant allow you in the stage as the program would be there ! ( i am left to wonder where and when did i ask him a spot by the stage !!???) anyways i dont reply i keep saying hmmm hmm..

He continues giving ideas as to what best he can do to help us and he also offers some TV promo for a double sponsor fee , i am still wondering why didnt he discuss this in the morn?

Then i say , no sir  , we dont want any tv promo all we want the stall space at two spots , one at the entrance and one at VIP lounge . 

Event company : yes yes i can provide that why dnt we meet up ?

Me: Sir , if you remember it right we did meet up today morning and we have freezed on the stall space. So you are talking about the same na ?

Event company : okay okay listen and he keep s going on with some other promo offer. 

Me: Sir , we did meet today na sir ?

His answers sounded off the track and so finally i said ,Sorry sir  to interrupt you Are you Dhananjay ? 

He again hears it wrong .. he replies back "" What ??? Am i a tamil boy ??""

Then i guessed its better i ask it straight . 

Me: Sir , your good name sir ?

I am Charles !!!!!

Oh !Sheeeeeeeeeeee.

I realize , i have called up some one else and was discussing about an event that is to take place some weeks later and he had already contacted me for sponsors , the fee being the same,almost he briefed the same. !!

I hope you can imagine the kind of surprise and shock i was in to .... when i first heard his denial about that statement of explanation ...

My boss who was next to me , was ROFL ... !Lol! how funny !!

hope you understood .. :) the catch of the above mentioned conversation !!

else never mind ..laugh again .. jst laugh cos it does help in losing and shedding all worries !!

he he such a day i wish never again repeats as i wonder what would happen if i commit and talk about something very serious :D he he ..

Anyways Shabbakhayar.. Good night ...

Take care


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