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Double delight at the Oscars O 'Day as they call it for our dearest (my dearest :D) A.R.Rahman , for he has won the double delight at Oscars . Hmm by the way , i have a bad habit and most often i dont love to change that too - it is waking up early ! But today I broke that rule and woke up at 5:45 am to be ready for office and also comfortably watch the Oscars at 6:30 am. My wish was to watch the live performance of ARR and his winning the most coveted and very deserving award - OSCAR! But then , all what i could watch was the other nominations and though they were interesting it did not satisfy my heart , for which i was actually waiting was for watching dearest Rahman standing tall with the OSCAR!!! and yes to watch his electrifying performance.
Anyways i was on my way to office and was constantly updated by my dear bro who had bunked college for this :D and while i was almost close to office i got a call from my colleague who was at home watching this amazing show and she was c…
My Love-'' Sangeeth'- music - Violin !
I felt like i was in an ethereal world,When the music of his strings took me,Just far far away.
How wonderful I felt, within me,
When his music seeped deep down my soul.

Heavenly dwell is what i saw,
Those unknown even to my dreams
This travel kindles in me the light of many,
Happy memories and serenity unbound.

I burn the hatred, char the scars,
All i feel is just his mesmerising voice
Divinity in him, the voice and style
He makes me smile,
A smile, simple and sure
Conveying those hidden thoughts!

i know i am in love.
With him, with what he paints
And how he helps me evolve
I play him every day
Even those days of my
Thoughtless walks,
He lies there,
Waiting to be taken in hand,
and awakened to a new ,pleasant world.

I love you! My love,
I promise I will help you
Play those wonderful tunes
Those which are dormant deep within you,
I wish I keep my word
for I enjoy being beside you ...

A poem dedicated to my violin ...'He' denotes my sweet violin .. Music …
Bangles,oh ! lovely bangles,
Red and blue , they are so lovely too.
Yellow and green , so bright and colourful !
how lovely , they adore her pretty hands,
they tinkle as she speaks animatedly.
with a spirit that never dies - for
she is a woman with passion .
A passion to lead , to live and let live!
These colours hide her sorrows ,
Paint a vigour of happiness and joy ,
That takes her gliding across the path of life !
Bangles, oh ! such lovely glass bangles.

These bangles are simple,
yet convey something deep within.
Thoughts that cannot be measured
Those which cannot be heard,
yet the music , they make
seeps deep down the soul,
Speaking only one language,
The language called love .

Love is the air she breathes in and out ,
sleflessly , when she works to run her home.
While feeding her kids sacrifing her share,
Caring for her husband who walks back from the field.
Serving her parents and all elders.Smiling throughout to mask her pains.
Every time she feeds, she cleans and she cu…
V - Day - Violence or Valentine ?
A day for Love .. that is why we celebrate a Valentines day ! It is a cliched statement that, v day is not just a day for love , the entire life is for love so there is nothing special for this day . It is like saying a birthday . Every day , every single min we are having and living a new life , then why does one celebrate a birthday on a particular day ?Similary every single day is meant for love and care but one special day to show that explicitly ... to share and to say Ï love you" ! Now do note this love is not just meant for a boy and a girl or a man and wife to propose , love , gift each other and yes promise many sweet sugary things . It is a day when one could tell their mom what she means to us, one could tell his/herdad how much they adore them and yes siblings - what it means to them to share a bond and yes friends how they colour their lives ...It is a day to say , to shout to the world that I love you and you get back the same from t…
Hi folks back ...Well work has been taking my time and so are thoughts .. Anyways was wondering what do i prattle here on this blog site ! and lo! i am here with an amazing conversation ....Would like to take you through the entire thing ...We had some promo activity coming up and i was supposed to meet up with the event team for the same. I went , and before i visited ,  i had discussed the comemercials with another lady of the same event management company . When i met this nice gentleman , he took me through the entire place and told me what branding would i be getting there. he also informed i would have to pay Rs.500 extra per banner and standee i use there ! I reconfirmed with him asking if this Rs. 500/- per day per banner/ standee is other than the promo / sponsor fee we would be paying and he confirmed the same. Hearing this , i said " Okay sir , would get back to you on this after discussing internally with my boss"". for which he repl…