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A great year to start and travel ... am almost like now talking in whispers .. yes.. sssh ... are you able to hear me ? :P jokes apart, on a serious note , i have got a major cold attack and my vocal chords are now conked up , yet there are many who would smile .. saying WOW! there at last meenu is quiet :D ..Yet another reason to smile being an Indian and most important for a  Rahmaniac , The Golden globe sweep by Rahman ! Well one more waiting ... the Oscar...Now the next thing to smile the new album Delhi 6 !!!:) It rocks!!Well the review would be up on my musical blog in a day or two.Btw , its a special day today ! Barack Obama swearing in as a President of USA!! A historical day for the 'black' and white now doesnt matter really all that matters is 'quality and the character within'. Satyam , a name that is strongly related to Indian culture  constitution - Satyameva jayathe!. A company which had been looked at in Indian IT corporate mar…
Hey folks ! Wish you a wonderful new year .. ahead . May God bless each one of you with the best of everything .....May peace hold us in her arms and hope smile on us .. for a new year , a new beginning a new start to traverse in the path of life ...... Take careBeen keeping busy with work .. so not able to post .... will be so for the entire month i guess but today(ooops tomm as we are still 30 min to 12) , January 6th is a very special day ...Jan 6th birthday of our Dearest A.R.Rahman ... the musical genius .So wish you Rahman ji , a wonderful amazing and super birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!!May your music move beyond boundaries .. may it speak only the language of love .. Anyways .. bye all of you .. take care...Meenu !!!