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THE UNBEATABLE ... Rahman magic ... Ghajini ! 

Yes long awaited Ghajini ... is out on stores ! 

The movie has already dolloped its share of anxiety for many reasons and one most important for all music buffs A.R.Rahman is 'THE reason'. Yes as usual all fans would await eagerly with their heart and ears open to let that song grow in them ... And morever when it is a music made in connection to Aamir Khan , Oh! then expectations soar. 

As for Ghajini it sure is a movie that has lot of expectations especially after the original Tamil version of Surya / Asin being a super duper box office rocker !  Lyrics is by Prasoon Joshi and it is good .. :) Well actually , the guzarish and kaise mujhe is good . the other lyrics are just ok . . 

The one min trailer song of Ghajini was surely a great hit added to the amazing physique and super stills of Aamir . The six pack abs really did that and the song 'Guzarish seemed to have rocked even with the 1 min trailer .. really hummable !! 

Now with the release as usual here is my review .. 

There are in total 6 tracks with one being an instrumental . 

The tracks are sung rendered by Javed Ali (Jashne bahare..) , Suzzane , Shreya , Benny Dayal and Karthik the happening singer from South . 

1.Guzharish is one of the best in the album . Sonu Nigam has rendered a small humming in the beginning . Javed Ali really has rocked ! It is great to feel that charm in his voice and he has a great style of  singing which was really evident in the Jashn - e - Bahare too...

Lyrics for this song is great .

2. Behka is the track which is stylish , may be that is the term one could relate . Saxaphone used in this track  adds an enchanting feel for the same . Karthik has rendered it beautifully . I am sure each one would fall in love with this track for sure. It is a real tough one to immediately sing but surely a super song ..

3. Kaise Mujhe  is a melody number and just like the Tu meri dost hai from Yuvvraaj  , Benny Dayal and Shreya have again paired up for this nice number. A superb song and it takes you with the flow . The backing vocals are by Clinton , Dominique , Vivenne.

Benny is blessed to get such a superb break with these songs in Yuvvraaj and Ghajini . 

The same song is also instrumental .very soothing one. 

Lyrics of this song is just great . 

4. Aye Bachchu  by Suzzane is a fast kind of number . She has  a 'josh' in her voice and this stylish youthful number is foottapping and would be loved by all who would want to dance to the tune of music !! The song is easily likable ,. but even if you dont appreciate it , i am sure you will start loving it the more and more you listen to the same.Suzzane really has given her best and Rahman's music weaves a magic

5.Latto .. is a different track . I guess the best fast beat song tracks like the Aye bachchu . But it has a feel of a remix style . It is rendered by Shreya and in this there has been some additional special programming effects/ or the computer effect which makes it sound less like Shreya . Yet it is a small , easy and fast number. But a super number and actually i just loved this album just like all others so far from Rahman !!

One thing that i didnt like in this album is ARR has not lend his voice for any song  not even a small portion and even the album cd doesnt have his pic ! 

All lyrics for this movie is available in Rhythmic notes , my  musical blog . :) 

So dont wait .. Just check out this cool , great album and sink in to this beautiful journey of Rahman's music . 

Till then tada ! :)

Bbye ! 

Take care ...


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