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Children are a blessing , a blessing in the form of smile , laughter , joy , curiosity , affection, warmth, sense of responsibilty and yes most important being a leader....( because can lead them by setting /being an example..) .

:) Yes Children are a direct blessing in the form of God . It is a common belief with which people tend to visit the just born babies .. (well i love to do that cos u get to see such a tiny lil thing cry and yawn unknowing of the laughter and noise around. ) They feel seeing a baby itself is as good as seeing God and hence you tend to wash out all your sins..
With the years passing by every day we grow , we learn , we follow the good , sometimes we try the bad unknowingly or wantedly and lose the child in us with every minute or say every second of growth.

Why would be a child innocent , creative, good , beautiful and loveliest creations ever one can see? It is because they are true, they are 'they' , they are buds... only when they bloom as a flower they need to experience the hard bad yet wonderful world , which kills them , rips them and changes them to walk the lanes of this world.

I am writing this post marking the forthcoming Children's day on November 14th.

Many years ago , India's first Prime minister and freedom fighter 'Chacha' (uncle) Nehru (Jawahar Lal Nehru) was born on this very day . (November 14 1889).
He was a loving and gentle person , who encouraged education and was passionate about welfare of children and youngsters. It was this great man's initialisation and thoughts that stand tall as the IIT's , IIM's and AIIM's which are considered to be the temple of education in various streams. This day just takes me back to my school days , the days when we as children would be given special consideration and privilege of chocolates, fun , dance and activities.

Even today 14th November is a special day . I remember vividly the colour dress we used to wear and the chocolates (Eclairs or the white milky bars) , followed by the post lunch cultural activities. :)
In this fast paced world, the giant leaps the technology takes every year , every century has now changed the face of this world. The children of today's world know more . Yes it is not that all kids have advantage of this developed technology , there are also many poor children who still havent stepped inside to see a school . Not many know how would it be to taste hot well cooked food. They know not how would it be to drink purified water, nor do they know the feel of the cosiest beds!
There are many children across the world who have lost their dear ones in the terrific bomb blasts, who have seen the walls of their forts crumpling down with the gunshots, those who live every day with the fear of being hurt , those who live not knowing for how long ... and this goes on. At least this children's day should there be some change in the way these innocent buds are treated. Let the light of joy , light of knowledge and light of hope surround them and guide them and give them equal rights to know, to learn , to enjoy and experience this freedom , this joy of Life. Let there be more children walking to the school gates to quench their thirst of knowledge , let there be no more tender hands which would pick the rags from the mounts of dirt, who would hold the thistle , who would spin the yarn . Let there be no children who has been absued , no child who would cry for food nor there be any kids who know what is it to forgo food for many days together!
Wishing a brighter hope for each and every human in this world.
Thank you!
Adios !
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