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THE UNBEATABLE ... Rahman magic ... Ghajini !  Yes long awaited Ghajini ... is out on stores ! The movie has already dolloped its share of anxiety for many reasons and one most important for all music buffs A.R.Rahman is 'THE reason'. Yes as usual all fans would await eagerly with their heart and ears open to let that song grow in them ... And morever when it is a music made in connection to Aamir Khan , Oh! then expectations soar. As for Ghajini it sure is a movie that has lot of expectations especially after the original Tamil version of Surya / Asin being a super duper box office rocker !  Lyrics is by Prasoon Joshi and it is good .. :) Well actually , the guzarish and kaise mujhe is good . the other lyrics are just ok . . The one min trailer song of Ghajini was surely a great hit added to the amazing physique and super stills of Aamir . The six pack abs really did that and the song 'Guzarish seemed to have rocked even with the 1 min trailer .. really hummable !! Now wit…
Children are a blessing , a blessing in the form of smile , laughter , joy , curiosity , affection, warmth, sense of responsibilty and yes most important being a leader....( because can lead them by setting /being an example..) .

:) Yes Children are a direct blessing in the form of God . It is a common belief with which people tend to visit the just born babies .. (well i love to do that cos u get to see such a tiny lil thing cry and yawn unknowing of the laughter and noise around. ) They feel seeing a baby itself is as good as seeing God and hence you tend to wash out all your sins..
With the years passing by every day we grow , we learn , we follow the good , sometimes we try the bad unknowingly or wantedly and lose the child in us with every minute or say every second of growth.

Why would be a child innocent , creative, good , beautiful and loveliest creations ever one can see? It is because they are true, they are 'they' , they are buds... only when t…
Victory ! Obama makes history .
Yes, the name 'Barack Obama' was a sure attraction as it sounded really different and when this name was resonated amidst the bush and pains it really was an eye catcher .. hmm ear catcher ..
This victory is in many ways a sense of relief as Bush has been causing too much of pain ... :D Though i dont prefer politics be it world or regional , i did happen to watch one of his speeches and yes it did really sound as words from a charismatic leader.
Obama is now the 44th president and 1st African American president and this for sure is amazing change that the world requires.
Not that being an African American could make a lot difference , the difference is made by the persona , the person himself.
The crisis now the world faces with stringent financial gates and lots of happenings that could possibly be handled better by someone like Obama , at least from the election campaigns that he conducted it was interesting to watch him.
Surely time would be the …