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2nd October 2008, a day most people would look forward to.
Yes a national holiday in memory of Father of the nation. So, cozily rest at home, with the idiot box blaring at loud volumes the same old movies .

A few patriotic,a few action, trying to instill the patriotic values within, not to forget all the channels airing some interviews of the film stars and celebs (what have they got to do with Gandhi Jayanthi??) and the news channel trying to revive the Old Pre Independent days!

Now for all , this day, this year would be different again because this year there is a new rule , a rule to protect the environment , the innocent 'Hearts' /'Lungs' that choke with the smoke from the pleasure driven people ….


So finally there is less smoke(
Spending  Money Only (TO) Kill Everyone :D) circling our lives as we wait for the bus, walk in the pedestrian, in shopping malls, refreshment rooms…

I just wonder how could one spend Rs. 5 -8 for a cigarette ?
I have seen people who smoke 3 -4 packs a day.Imagine one pack costing Rs. 50-80.! So in all a day they spend Rs. 150-250 a day!!!
No wonder it is a very expensive smoke and now i realise why cancer follows!;)

For those who are addicted this is something inevitable.

But just to smoke something out in a day ! Aren't there any better ways to sqaunder money ??

I also calculated if the people who could afford to spend 250 + a day , in a month they spend Rs.7500/- and hence in a year its Rs.90,000/-!!!!.(No wonder ITC is :) a rich conglomerate ..)

Imagine if this amount was spend as a Social responsibility for the upliftment of  the people in need!

Well it is out of question to eliminate smoking from the world immediately, as it is clearly seen that the roots of this evil habit has strongly found its firm in the world . Even before these cigarattes were found , people had been using tobacco as a thing to excite, forget sorrows or whatever in some way or other. 

The irony is that even Gandhiji had accepted his indulgence (only once or twice) in these beedi and stuff as a teenager in his autobiography'My experiments with Truth'.

But at least we could control it lest more people *innocent ones die of cancer!! and may be in the long run eliminate this social evil.

Inspite of the ban in advertising this is a product that is succesful with its surrogate ads. 

I do not appreciate smoking at all , though i dont appreciate drinking , i dont care a damn ! .

Smoking not just kills you but people around , those who dont even know what it is to smoke get worst affected cos of passive smoking ! Why should somone else  suffer for a stupidity of the smoker! It is just UNFAIR.

As for drinking it is the  health of the person who does , his/her liver.Whether they kill it or try staying fit is up to them ! All one could do is to try imparting some gyaan against drinking , other than that as long as it doesnt trouble the ones around, let them do what they like right na?

One of my colleague send us a message on smoking : It goes like this


he he ..

Well i also got a pic from a dear friend and hence am also uploading that now :)

So all smokers , bade goodbye to the smoke that you try to choke us with .!!

By the way did you see the law ? It says a fine of not more than Rs.200 will be collected from the smokers who do not abide by this law !

It' s strange since those who spend Rs. 250+ a day , would they really mind giving away a Rs.200, all just for smoking ???

Hope it doesnt work as " Pay Rs. 200/- and smoke as you like " :D he he ..

Happy Ramzan and yes good bye smoking at least partially!:)



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