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The Real Beauty

One fine day, I happened to bump in to my friend, or rather one of my old college mates while on my way to work. As it was a surprise meeting, discussions were steered to the usual blah-blahs, like 'what are you doing these days?, Are you in touch with any one ?what is she doing ?'etc.,.
A causal yet formal talk. During our discussion on what each one was up to, the friend suddenly made a comment or probably a casual statement, "Hey you are just the same  "plane jane"! And then said something that was really about my looks.  I laughed /smiled as usual mocking at myself.
Well, it really didn't matter to me as to what was the comment and it was just hidden like a stack of old files somewhere deep in my thoughts.

The day went on fine and after a hectic day of work, I was on my way back home. Usually a book would keep me company as the share auto steered through the huge rally of vehicles.
With no or little light  inside the share-auto, and it being a dark night, it was hard to read. While the auto struggled to navigate through the traffic inch by inch, my views were outside - just staring and recalling various things. These are usually the moments that make me think a lot more that one could usually take their thoughts... It could be on anything- anytopic (at least that is how it is for me). As i was on a "rewind" mode, the morning's conversation just became more important. The comment. Yes, my mind was fixed on the comment made by my friend.

Yes, it may be true that beauty does have some face value to it. What one sees may or may not be beautiful/lovely/pretty for him or her but then doesn't real beauty lie within one's heart ? Anyways that small thought is now in the form of a poem penned by me on my way back home.

Yet another :D stupid roadie poem:D

I, me, myself !
Can i ever be a different self?
Just two little eyes, with a not-so big head,
Curly lies the hair out,
with nothing much within.
Nothing special on my face,
Only just a few pits painted around;
One big pit blabbers a bit with the rest dancing around.
Cheeks look like some puffed up buns,
Stuffed around to look like a bun!
I see it and laugh out loud.
for, I know how funny is  MY REAL SELF!

I wonder out loud why am I the only funny one,
to stop and realize it is all only for fun.

God created me only with Love,
Am a Masterpiece of the Master Himself.
What we look does that really matter?
what our heart tells us is what it reflects.
What seeps in within is;
what glows throughout.

Trying to let the good seep through,
I try to make my heart speak all truth.
Hoping to not really be as funny as i really seem !

Yes, i think if  the old adage of 'as you sow, so shall you reap' is true then it is also true to say that beauty is just proportionate to the beautiful thoughts that flash in mind. And imagine if the whole world is just with all lovely thoughts  the wouldn't the world be a better place to be in ?

Sow all good thoughts, thoughts of love, respect , compassion, empathy, care.
Pray, as if we would never live yet another moment .
Thank, as if we have been just blessed with the elixir of life.
Respect, as if you have never met a better soul.
Love, as if today is the only day you could talk or be with that someone.
Care, as if the person had just been slapped and is through the worst of times. 
Share, for we know not if there is a tomorrow.

Then I am sure life would bloom like those beautiful flowers for whose nectar the lovely butterflies hover around.

We could relate us to be those beautiful flowers and the butterflies would be the happiness and joy showered by the dainty fairies above.

I end with a quote by Khahil Gibran ,"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”
As always yours truly ,
Meenu !
Image courtesy :Getty images

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