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HELLO ! My Dear Universe:)

Dwani was taken aback when she suddenly heard Anamika's voice " Do you still( read really) feel that ( read Believe) that Universe is listening ?" . She could see the pain in Anu's eyes .

It all started with a casual conversation. Dwani was a lil girl who strongly believed or trusted in ideology (silly it may sound but she strongly believed ) that every single fragment in this universe listens to the thought waves and aligns to make way for that to happen.

She trusts(ed) the fact that THE UNIVERSE LISTENS (strangely true na as it is said walls have ears too!) to you, me and every one else on earth. Ones thoughts could be heard , sensed or felt by anything on this earth, be it the stones that glistened on the streams, the wind that brushed past, the moon who always played hide and seek amidst the white clouds, the bright lil stars up above the sky and what not?

She felt that the wind which brushed past could sense her passion; the glistening streams could see the spark within, the charming moon smiled as though he has found his good old friend. The trees too danced merrily reading her thoughts and the earth just sensed the rhythm in her walk.

Anamika aka Anu
was surprised when she heard a big girl in a fantasy land. She may have thought ‘This girl is a kinda mad!’ but then she as a good caring friend (may be sister) waited for Dwani to go on.

Dwani told Anu ," listen is there any problem with you in accepting the fact that being positive in your thoughts would be far better than just negating since it would do no good being so ?

Anu thought over and felt it could be true that universe listens ....may be at least she could try believing it .

Life has been a tough journey so far but it was her faith in the Almighty that made her just stay strong through troubled times.Though she is really talented and beautiful (inside out) , she did face a lot of troubles her way . Her career seemed to grow just inches every year yes of course with the pay being just' peanuts'. She wondered if she could find the right man in her life because all what she or her parents tried she did not succeed , leave alone succeed she was hurt in every attempt ....

Work and home and work and home and prayers, nothing changed except of course the people she met . It was like this , She felt she was rooted to a point in the canvas of life and only thing that kept changing every moment was the new people she met and new products she launched ... she found it hard to take it .

Anu decided to take up Dwani's words and decided to shout to the universe that she would get the right and the best guy she has been waiting for , she would get the best package she wished for , would take her parents out for a vacation and see them smile and follow all good cheerful things that would make her sense the bliss of what life truly meant - happiness from within.

But today everything changed , despite her sending waves of her passion , waves of optimism to the universe she felt she was ditched , she was left alone to try and find her way out of the troubled seas.

Why did she have to experience this ? Why did she need to bear the pain ? Why did she not get most of what she wished ... just truly from the heart .

Was her faith shaken ?

This emotion naturally erupted within and thats why she questioned her friend about her ideology .Dwani didnt know how to explain , She knew talking and explaining would do no good . So the best way is to write her thoughts .... It would be more easy to handle a person in trouble.

Anu got the letter ...It read ......

Dearest Anu ,

I just wish to share with you something that could brighten up your thought and help you move forward the way you want .

Life is such that we find roads that mislead us , that tempt us and probably lead us ....
Now when we walk the path , it is just that we need to see ourselves in a state or rather visualise ourselves in state which we would love to .It is the thought wave of optimism within that helps one march ahead .

Now you may ask , i was so but why didn't things fall in place?

Answering this is difficult .For even though i believe in this ideology of the universe listening i still haven't got all that i want.As a matter of fact many a things still remain a dream , a desire uncomplete , unfullfilled and unattended . But deep within my heart i still believe that the universe cannot turn deaf to my calls . I would achieve them soon . May be that i need to be more passionate or may be i need to give some time , be STILL for i know for all good one does God doesnt turn blind , surely there would be rewards that can really surprise soon.

I understand how difficult it is for a person who has lost his roof to comfort and be optimist that the weather would be fine till he /she finds one shelter !

But then it is the faith that makes one move , the very faith that i am destined to live a long life makes me breath this very second.It may sound too philosphical for many but i still believe that the universe listens to our prayers , our wishes , thoughts and does what our heart thinks, what we sent out.If we see something wrong happening then it means we would have sent out a negative energy that could stop our wishes from becoming true .

Though we must be fast , the fastness must be accompanied by patience , a quality that is surely divine ( in my opinion) and one must remember nature can never be rushed , must let it happen the way it would.

One must take up more steps to control our mind from being negative for that is natural thing to happen as we are just human beings.But then it is essential( even i am only trying , i know i have lot of negative and many inferiority complexes that i am trying to overcome ) that we are only focussed and be strong in our faith that God will show us the path we want ... for the universe answers the prayers .. it aligns to our thoughts .

Be Patient and just visualise and see what want to be in future and thank god in advance for having blessed you all that you want .

Be it wealth , relationship or just you, it would be answered, because everything in this Universe has an answer , it is only that either man asks wrong questions , or searches at wrong places or may be doesnt trust in when he or she is answered !

I truly believe you will colour your life with your dreams and be happy and sense the bliss of the divine within.

Yours ever

The letter did the trick and Anu trusted her thoughts and moved only smiling and thinking that
her dreams will be true and things would happen the way she visualised in no time......
but all that she had to do was to trust , to be STILL and dont panic when things go awry !

Friends, this long post was penned by my friend for some reason and i felt that it is a lovely one to share as i truly believe that the universe listens !Yes sounds too impractical in being +ve all the while may sound a lil tough but it is important we do for who knows the wrong waves may disrupt the happenings of any good we think , so why take risk ?
Aint it ?

Have a Happy weekend .
Wishing each one of you a Happy and Prosperous Diwali !!!
Do svi danya!


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