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Bheja Fry !! tho 7 Steps try ;) !! 

Wishing each one of you a very Happy Diwali .May this festival of Lights brighten up your lives and bring in smiles each and everyday !So hope all had a great time today sharing sweets , lighting diyas and bursting crackers! 

I thought i would write about one of the most important and common thing we see or experience . ANGER!

Anger is said to be one word short of Danger ! 

Hmm. It is one of the messiest yet most common  emotion that erupts and explodes and causes damages that is directly proportional to the power of anger. :D ok ok... read on. 

All of us do get angry. We may have felt that as a fleeting annoyance or may be a few as a full fledged rage ! Many a times we see people who get irritated , hurt , provoked and explode for may be the silliest of matters. We also see people who control their feelings , keep quiet , yet their heart breaking in to fragments within silently this could be called as Apathy.Both are essentially bad for the person as such,whether he explodes or he controls and makes it explode within . So either way it harms him.(also her) . 

Even i do get angry but at least i dont throw things that are in my hand . and i usually dont shout except those very rare cases and even that would be for a min . 

But once i do that i feel bad , bad at what i did , bad at why i did! The moment one vents off the feeling of irritation and hurt then one feels better .I am not sure of others but i for sure feel bad at having behaved so. 

Then why must one let that emotion to bloom. Even when i react angrily rarely that is enough for me to feel low about my behaviour. So i can imagine ( i guess thats how others may think) how others may feel after their rage! . 

I have seen people who throw things that lie within their reach when they lose their temper. What bad did that thing or item do for having to break down just because someone is angry ?

It will remain a mystery as human mind and emotions are really tough to be understood. I guess that is why they stress on the fact that  a woman should control her temper ( a woman's mind is supposed to most complex form to understand). :) he he . jokes apart , Anger is supposed to be one of the deadliest sins.

The anger could be due to jealousy , vengaence and when it is at its peak , then it could really break not just vases , but everything , relationship, love, the heart and yes most important the Self!

Then why does one get angry ? It could be genetic reason or even psychological reasons. Some kids would be grumpy and irritable since childhood and it is their genetically inherited nature. Some cos of psychological reasons. Why does this emotion alone cause so many problem? It is because ever since as kids we are only told 'Do not get angry" Even if you ,dont react or show! But then its not easy for all nor is it good to curb that within . It does more harm than good.  

It is not possible to stop people from doing things we dont like, nor possible to keep all anger within one's mind but the best is to learn how to control it like simple breathing techniques when one gets a lil off beat .

1. Breath from deep within , Keep saying yourself to cool and be calm. 

2. Visualise happy things and smile often. Be Loving and patient. 

4.Use thoughts that would be really helpful in making one understand that "this is not the end of the world" you still have a lot to do , may be this was just another moment of rough spark  hurting you in your journey of life. 

5.Be careful with words that you use as it could really change the situations either to worse or for good! 

6.Be relaxed and yes most important is sense of humour .

7. Give yourself a personal time , where you could just be you ! 

Take care ....

Have a great year ahead. 


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