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Bheja Fry !! tho 7 Steps try ;) !! 
Wishing each one of you a very Happy Diwali .May this festival of Lights brighten up your lives and bring in smiles each and everyday !So hope all had a great time today sharing sweets , lighting diyas and bursting crackers! I thought i would write about one of the most important and common thing we see or experience . ANGER! Anger is said to be one word short of Danger ! Hmm. It is one of the messiest yet most common  emotion that erupts and explodes and causes damages that is directly proportional to the power of anger. :D ok ok... read on. All of us do get angry. We may have felt that as a fleeting annoyance or may be a few as a full fledged rage ! Many a times we see people who get irritated , hurt , provoked and explode for may be the silliest of matters. We also see people who control their feelings , keep quiet , yet their heart breaking in to fragments within silently this could be called as Apathy.Both are essentially bad for the person as s…
HELLO ! My Dear Universe:)

Dwani was taken aback when she suddenly heard Anamika's voice " Do you still( read really) feel that ( read Believe) that Universe is listening ?" . She could see the pain in Anu's eyes .

It all started with a casual conversation. Dwani was a lil girl who strongly believed or trusted in ideology (silly it may sound but she strongly believed ) that every single fragment in this universe listens to the thought waves and aligns to make way for that to happen.

She trusts(ed) the fact that THE UNIVERSE LISTENS (strangely true na as it is said walls have ears too!) to you, me and every one else on earth. Ones thoughts could be heard , sensed or felt by anything on this earth, be it the stones that glistened on the streams, the wind that brushed past, the moon who always played hide and seek amidst the white clouds, the bright lil stars up above the sky and what not?

She felt that the wind which brushed past could sense her passion; the gliste…

Hey all !
Good day . Lot is on my draft .. safely lying untouched un finished . Yes i am tempted to close that by penning those precious words and paint in more emotions, heart and rythmn and play it here as a post to you ! But then i realise there is something very special waiting to be penned ....Yuvvraaj !!!!!!!!Yippee ! Yes, our dearest Rahman ji is back !

Music is a way of life for many ... Rahman ji has always made this very beautiful ..just splendid .Yuvvraaj is a musical film by Subash Ghai , with whom Rahman has previously given his one of the most superb(would be a simple word to explain the success of that album) album 'Taal' .Now here comes Yuvvraaj (numerology;)) an ARR venture which is just as perfect as any other Rahman note...

This musical journey has 9 phases  and each one composed in a style that is a trademark Rahman ji's (ek dam solid!) music . 

The first one Main Hoon Yuvvraaj  is a intro song kind for Salman - It has Salman spe…
The Real Beauty

One fine day, I happened to bump in to my friend, or rather one of my old college mates while on my way to work. As it was a surprise meeting, discussions were steered to the usual blah-blahs, like 'what are you doing these days?, Are you in touch with any one ?what is she doing ?'etc.,.
A causal yet formal talk. During our discussion on what each one was up to, the friend suddenly made a comment or probably a casual statement, "Hey you are just the same  "plane jane"! And then said something that was really about my looks.  I laughed /smiled as usual mocking at myself.
Well, it really didn't matter to me as to what was the comment and it was just hidden like a stack of old files somewhere deep in my thoughts.

The day went on fine and after a hectic day of work, I was on my way back home. Usually a book would keep me company as the share auto steered through the huge rally of vehicles.
With no or little light  inside the share-auto, and it being…

2nd October 2008, a day most people would look forward to.

Yes a national holiday in memory of Father of the nation. So, cozily rest at home, with the idiot box blaring at loud volumes the same old movies .

A few patriotic,a few action, trying to instill the patriotic values within, not to forget all the channels airing some interviews of the film stars and celebs (what have they got to do with Gandhi Jayanthi??) and the news channel trying to revive the Old Pre Independent days!

Now for all , this day, this year would be different again because this year there is a new rule , a rule to protect the environment , the innocent 'Hearts' /'Lungs' that choke with the smoke from the pleasure driven people ….


So finally there is less smoke(Spending  Money Only (TO) Kill Everyone :D) circling our lives as we wait for the bus, walk in the pedestrian, in shopping malls, refreshment rooms…

I just …