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I CAN SEE  BUT I CAN'T ! -Convenient Blindness.

I started writing a post just the day before and unfortunately dozed off ...... ! yes with the pc on ..... cos i couldnt stay awake anylonger -Flat!!!  So what it was still in drafts and i thought i could rework on that and complete it .

Been trying to do that since morning couldnt get a single word to continue , writer's block ?? well you may say so but funny that the block is damn hard to break through !

So here i go on writing my mind keeping that old article pending half way.

Been blocked ..... hardened ...... irritated , angst , hurt and what not !

I am not sure how many would be in the same state as I.

The so called 'Breaking news" really breaks one's heart... A nine year old boy (or 13! whatever be the age) lost his life when the unsuspectible packet blew off .. taking his life and injuring many others seriously.

What would be the onlookers state of mind who may have narrowly escaped unhurt to see that little boy suddenly disappear in smoke all shattered .

It is now a state that 'helping others' may even cost one's life.

When can we lest not put an end to this but atleast be more secure than this??

I remember an essay contest in Hindi during my school days , i dont really remember the topic but it was something related to technology and its use and absue or so but i do remember how i concluded  it .... It went as " abh aadmi aise rahthe hai ki kab bomb girega", meaning to say now the state of a man's mind is when will a bomb fall on him.

This was during the year when the 9/11 happened. So seven years down the line , now the situation has worsened that even to walk in a market be it anytime of the day .
Yes, the solution is not we all need to stay safe  at home but something has to be done to catiously watch /monitor every person in public ...

More honest people who could be clever enough to atleast curb the corrupted politicians , more usage of technology as a positive tool to monitor the crowded areas, well many cliched statements i guess every man would have some suggestion to rework on our corrupted system but they must be implemented !!!!

The thing that hurts me the most , is that the poor people who struggle to meet their ends by earning their daily wages are the ones who lose everything .

The 1st page photo in "The Hindu" during the Ahmedabad , Surat attacks is still vivid in my mind. The bomb had taken the lives of many of the poor street hawkers who sold vegetables and other stuffs. The picture showed a lady lying dead in a pool of blood , still holding those hard earned money after a hard day's work run her home and feed her family.

What did the so called IM or any such group gain ? Yes, may be political unrest , economic changes and yes happiness and satisfaction of killing those innocent people.....

There are many questions unanswered but i am sure there is nothing like unanswered may be we are not 'asking '? i am confused..

I guess the reason why people fight for all this (so called petty issues) is beacuse
EACH ONE OF THEM IS BLIND .. they are blind at their convenience . I would call it as 'Convenient BLINDNESS'.

Their inner eye is blind , they have locked it not wanting to realise that they have many lovely moments to see ... to experience .. to share ...

They live in world of their own , they live in a world where they don't see any thing good ... they just hear and smell the rotten and hence breed all rotten , disgusting , horrendous thoughts within .

They are blind to the fact that there is a beautiful world which can be most wonderful if we live together. 

They are blind to the fact that there are more  precious  things than MONEY , POWER , STYLE, THE FEELING OF 'MINE'/'I' ! 

They are blind to the fact that Lord is just one , and each one of  can see Him as we like , sometimes as Krishna , as Rama, Shiva, Devi ,  as Jesus, as Mary , as Allah , as Nanak , as Sai what not.

They are Blind to the fact that we are all a part of a flow ... a flow like a river which doesn't have an end . We are a part of the universe .. we are just a small (microns) part of the universe .

Each of us in this world know each other  , belong to the same family , be it from anywhere in this world. I may not know you personally , i may not have seen you but trust me we are from the
same Universal Mother ! 

It is also very obvious that where there is good there must be evil else good will not be known or realised .. But if we let the Evil take over all good in this world then none would exist , none would smile , it is something as simple as the feel of Dementors kissing you !!

I guess the best way to come out of these or atleast reduce the frequency of this evil showing up , is to believe that Good is all omnipotent , good is all present .....and keep believing that Evil Will never disturb the equilibrium ..... 

Yes i believe in Believing ..... it does work ...

God bless all .....and May God help them 'SEE' again .. just SEE the right ....

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