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I CAN SEE  BUT I CAN'T ! -Convenient Blindness.. 

I started writing a post just the day before and unfortunately dozed off ...... ! yes with the pc on ..... cos i couldnt stay awake anylonger -Flat!!!  So what it was still in drafts and i thought i could rework on that and complete it .

Been trying to do that since morning couldnt get a single word to continue , writer's block ?? well you may say so but funny that the block is damn hard to break through !

So here i go on writing my mind keeping that old article pending half way.

Been blocked ..... hardened ...... irritated , angst , hurt and what not !

I am not sure how many would be in the same state as I.

The so called 'Breaking news" really breaks one's heart... A nine year old boy (or 13! whatever be the age) lost his life when the unsuspectible packet blew off .. taking his life and injuring many others seriously.

What would be the onlookers state of mind who may have narrowly escaped unhurt to see that little boy …
am back finally with a bang ...
I didnt know that its been long since i blogged yes wanted to .. many posts half done is in my
draft ! but kya karen ... ll doze off in front of my system ... so work kept me away for a few days and now i thought why dont at least wish you all a hi !!:)
after a long time ...

Happy Ramdan .. and yes Ayudha pooja too in advance ..

Will rework on my posts and post the same by this weekend !

take care