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A poem i guess may be simple , stupid and weird but it is just what i felt doing !

I want to run away from the world so wide,
I want to run away to the wildness alive,
I want to runaway from the worries alike
I want to runaway just far and wide.
It is not that I fear to fight back,
It is not that I detest to stand up,
Nor is it that I don’t like to live
Still I want to runaway …
Runaway just far and wide.

In to the world of natural life,
The splendid ocean and; the sprawling green fields,
The resplendent sky, with the eagles so high.

I want to sleep in the oceans’ bed,
Just like the pearl cosy in its shell,
I wish to race with the dolphins under,
Mermaids as friends and the bubbles for air.

I want to runaway to the deep green mysteries,
The forests nestling the rare big beasts.
I want to befriend the elephant by the river
Blindly follow a herd of lovely deer,
To feel the hares so fluffy and fair.

My hunger drained with the dry figs and berries,
The silvern stream to quench my thirst.
I want to hang on the bark of the tree,
Play the see saw and the swing for free
Sing with the birdies nestling on top!
Sweet little squirrels to watch and smile.

The open skies and a big bear hug,
Just with the fireflies glowing around.
A good night’s sleep with the moon to guard,
The animal kingdom to watch me all night.
I wish to make huge snow man,
Follow the reindeer and watch the seals
How I could just runaway to the poles
And freeze up with the white soft snow!

I want to run away in to this vast blue sky
Like butterfly or a nightingale
A parakeet or a white eagle
All I want is to fly around.

I wish to feel the wind against my face,
Want to chew the milk white clouds
I just wish to kiss the moon...
Stay with the gulls hovering the waves
That first dew drops as soft as silk ,
feel against my skin with the cool breeze around.
Pitter patter falls the rain drops,
wetting the earth for a new lease of life.
The peacocks around merrily dance about
swaying to the rythm of the falling drops
the animals around just hide about -
to escape the lash of the silvery drops !

Lo! i wish i dance with joy ,
splashing around the puddles just like a child.

I wish to just runaway .

Away and away and far away I just want to run away!
Run away from the madding crowd..
Run away from the world of white lies,
World of miseries born for selfish goals.

Just to live one moment sinless, so nice;
swaying to the tune of the nature’s song of joy …
smiling till my dimples squeak so softly
Elated at living a day so nice .
a day just mine and only mine!

Runaway …
I want to runaway!

All contents © copyright Meenu rights reserved.
Photo courtesy - getty images

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