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Showing posts from June, 2008
A poem i guess may be simple , stupid and weird but it is just what i felt doing !
I want to run away from the world so wide,
I want to run away to the wildness alive,
I want to runaway from the worries alike
I want to runaway just far and wide.
It is not that I fear to fight back,
It is not that I detest to stand up,
Nor is it that I don’t like to live
Still I want to runaway …
Runaway just far and wide.

In to the world of natural life,
The splendid ocean and; the sprawling green fields,
The resplendent sky, with the eagles so high.

I want to sleep in the oceans’ bed,
Just like the pearl cosy in its shell,
I wish to race with the dolphins under,
Mermaids as friends and the bubbles for air.

I want to runaway to the deep green mysteries,
The forests nestling the rare big beasts.
I want to befriend the elephant by the river
Blindly follow a herd of lovely deer,
To feel the hares so fluffy and fair.

My hunger drained with the dry figs and berries,
The silvern stream to quench my thirst.
I want to hang on…