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Missing beats and a peep to what i wanna be soon ..... - just tagged !XHhad tagged me .
So this is how I take it.

The tag was to write what are the 10 things I miss in my life right now , and what are the 10 things I want to achieve in 10 years !

My Missing beats?-

1.It will be always my school days - the time i spent with my best buddies at KSMHSS .... they are just the best time i have been blessed with ..
2. I miss being with Gren and dava , holding their hands and walking through the corridors , crying, laughing , playing pranks , talking , hugging.. oh my i cant even think now without tears ..... the others , small chats with friends during lunch and intervals prince, balram many meets to just see Arasi down in her 10th class, the passing papers and pens during class hour....
3. The small fights and games i used to play as kid with my dear bro .. sri ..(well we still have fun but then it was different !)
4.playing swing :) slides and see saw :D i know i can play now but then again i wouldnt be stared at earlier as a kid as how i ll b if i play now he he ..
5.miss eating jothy aunty's dosas - crispy hot with gren and me eating from same plate ..
6.i miss waving to dava from the bus struggling hard to get hold of the corner seat in school bus to see her cute face at her window .
7. roaming around with friends along the lanes when we got the new cycle and later following the same with a new scooty :)
8.miss being with dhanu just reading Harry Potter , discussing who is what and how things have been explained .. during class hours !
9.miss betsy and her talks , combined studies , arguments with dhanu and leels.
10. yes during younger days my visit to forest near my school secretly to pick tamarinds(ssssssssssssh.. my mouth just waters!!! even when i think of that sourness .. actually the only sour thing i have had .. :))- it was when i was in my 1st 2nd and all :) so imagine how dangerous to walk to outskirt forest near school ..

actually i am happy with my life - the only thing i miss is my school life during my days at KSMHSS... XH( u have brought back those fond memories of school life by making me write it )btw i find it hard to call u XH :) .I loved my college life for the wonderful time with Betsy, dhanu and Leels ..

i have mentioned these in a random order there is no ranking :) on what i miss 1st..

About a decade from now ....

Well apart from all the work and career stuff and general family stuff i wish i could do some very silly and yet special close to heart stuff-can be called childish dreams....
1.Learn all instruments :) at least should play one simple song. posses at least a few instruments of my choice.
2.Travel around the world - travel all places - every small location ..
3.Learn photography and posses all best cams :)
4.Sing and write lyrics and hence bring out a bestseller album :D (hehe i know too much ambitious but yes i wish )
5.Yes most important - dont know if i can but just seriously wish i lend my voice for my idol-ARR's venture at least 7 of them and yes a duet with Him ! and Sonu/Shaan and Karthik :D
6.Go on a world trip with Gren and dav :) and yes families included ..
7.write one book at least ?? or poetry ?? hmm dekthe hain8.Want to drive a long way to places around ..
9.Achieve career plans:. Do PhD and finally attend the hooding ceremony. Take my parents and bro there .... make them proud!
10.learn many languages :)

Well i have just mentioned only those few small sounding silly (SSS) ideas/dreams/wishes here ...
hope i have taken the tag right ..
I want to tag my
dearest Pri !

:) take care

Photo courtesy - getty images !

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