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Is your scorecard balanced?

In management there happens to be a term or a concept called A balanced Scorecard also known the BSC. It is used to check whether the small scale operational activities of a company or an organization are in lieu with that of the vision and the final objectives of the company as a whole. This concept started way back in 1987.

Now, I was reading about this balanced scorecard, I thought how true is it to our real life way. Actually I felt we could look at 4 perspectives in life for each one of us. (Actually in the BSC they have used four perspectives or process to work out the card)


You – it means just the you, your health, the knowledge you have gained, your learning, your style, your thoughts. All these small- small things do matter for making the you. The habits you adapt, you follow, the way you talk, the way you treat others, the way you behave all that leaves a mark within yourself – i.e. the final you. It in turn means your conscience.

We – It is you and your family , close kins , close friends, the relatives , siblings , the best buddies and all who help you , who live with you , for you and in some way or other have been through your ups and downs. So it does matter how you treat them, how you repay them, how you love them and how you place them in your heart- more than just placing in heart that needs to reflect in action too, the behavior ultimately reflects in them, their living. You need to work with your family and friends by sharing both joy and sorrow, supporting mentally, financially and physically at hard times and being there to watch all smiles at times of joy. Hence it s a team work – that is why I call it “WE”

Them – the them includes that place where you live, the society, the neighbours, people may be strangers who walk past you, the chaikada owner where you have your lonely morning tea, the rickshaw man whom you bargained with to be dropped at your place, the bus drivers, shopkeepers, the sabjiwala, and yes, leave them all even the small cute kid who had entertained you while on a train journey. The way you treat them , the way you care for them be it even for a min all does adds on to your scorecard of moulding a good and pure self .

It is rightly said, if you want to be loved, love –Si vis amavi, ama!

The Rest – that is the universe-I strongly believe every living being has God within, even the non living things when treated with respect does respond back to our thoughts... Else how can there be sensible air conditioners which work adjusting to human body ;) well I know that’s different but it is said even stones can go soft with love. So the rest of the world , the universe- that is the nature , the animals , birds , trees , plants and the entire world , the millions of people – both good and bad all reflect to us the way we treat them .

We shower love, we show concern, we work for the betterment surely we can make a difference to at least one person on earth, and then I am sure our score card will get balanced for good!!! Hope I do that soon at least make something better for somebody at least.

Humanism is the ONE RELIGION the ONE FAITH that binds every other man of every other and faith on earth. – for there it is bound only by love , care and affection. Aint it??

So how far are your score cards balanced??
See ya ! Have great days!
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