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Writhing in pain she lay on the bed,
Her body was all wet with the sweat pouring out,

Hands squeezed the worn out quilt,
Roughness scratching her tender palms.

Tears running down her now hidden eyes,
she screamed with all her strength,

God ... she yelled, for it was her labour day.
The doctors rushed and soon it was time.

There in bed, they operated out,
painted over in blood a lovely little baby

The tiny blessing was now crying,
A cry so special, for it was-welcomed with rejoice!

The nurse bathed it clean and wrapped it up,
her mommy now tired, yet smiling so clear.

Happiness was written all over her face,
for she was now donning a new role in life.

The role of a mother, the role so divine.

The bundle of joy was crying beside,
mother embraced her close to her heart.

The touch of love and the warmth of care,
It now cuddled cosy, right beside.

The innocence lit in its face,
in its eyes and the lovely smile.

The yearning for its mothers presence,
only spoke one language,

The language of love and of innocence.

Every moment the baby grew,
Its cry and laughter just brought joy.
The heart and sould remained just unblemished.

Days just flew by and every second,
seemed to disappear with just a wink.

The baby now could walk; wading about the crowd around;
The honeyed voice seemed senseless blabbers,
Yet conveying thoughts- angelic and cute.

With many moons gone, she turned a toddler,
Naughty with twin tails, she ran around,
Creating hell, with her mischief’s aplenty.
But the broken vase and the scattered mirror
Did not bring noise but just all joy!
For it was all innocence and truth to its side,
That helped all smile despite the many devils!

This innocence remains only for a while.
With time - and the lessons learned the hard way
The child in her seems to die, to lose and, shy away.

The innocence is lost in the beauty of this horrid world.
The lilly-white fades in the yearning to earn , and to learn
The good and evil present around,
subtly killing the divinity within!

This innocence, the root for love, for truth and the divine.
Seem to just fade in this world so wide!

How I wish we could preserve at least
A little innocence within our hearts,
Even with time, we could remain-
Just as lovely as the newborn child

All contents © copyright Meenu rights reserved.
Photo courtesy - getty images

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