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Cold blooded murders - Are we waging war against God?

There was shocking news I happened to read today, actually these may be the news we have been hearing all these days. Girl children, thrown away, abandoned, killed, aborted and what not!
Earlier it was like the parents aborted the child in the womb if they knew it was of the " female species" !!!
Well so they stopped revealing the gender in most hospitals . Now the thing is they abandon, kill, leave or never care about a baby girl once she falls in to their hands! (Oops for them its head since they take these kids as burden!)
Then why have babies at all yaar !

One can at least try pacifying ones mind that a father /male would prefer a son instead of a girl for various reasons, but what about the ladies, so called mothers who deliver the baby after carrying them within them for long …how are they able to throw away these small children without any heart?
Today’s Times of India, Chennai edition had news as “12 babies abandoned in 4 months in Salem and Govt has decided to adopt more cradle baby system! Of these 12 babies 10 were small born babies and among them 1 died without blooming to see the world!

Are we living amidst Murderers ????

One of the babies I read had been thrown inside a well, just after its birth, and now has been rescued by the authorities were it was amidst the thorny bushes in the well. Now it’s battling for recovery from the harsh wounds and scars!!! Sheesh ... I can’t even imagine. How cruel !

There are people who remain childless and yearn for a child whom they can care for and love and who later on embrace them support them and care for them during their old days. There are a few more who have children but unhealthy and they fight throughout their life to protect and help the child survive despite the odds. Children are supposed to be another face of Gods, are we on a war against the Gods, especially the ones who are of female species?? (Btw so are mothers, another form of God ... but why are they harsh as this?)

Now you may wonder why I say, We - its not you or me who is doing such cruel act but we are left to watch such acts and I think we need to do something, like may be bring in rules, more vigil, strict laws, "educate" by all sense ... by educate its not just someone who knows to sign their name or read and execute a will!!!!!

I know this will take a long time to slowly evade off but how many more are to be brutally murdered?

There was yet another news about the change of children in a hospital and even the person who knows has given birth to the baby girl do not want her! Both the families claimed the boy baby. Why girls come with a tag price eh??

It may be a fact that every other day there are "N" number of women across the world who are harassed mentally , physically ,raped ,murdered and yes exploited... Now the same state is for children too. Such a brutal behaviour is meted out to even babies also just because they are girls !

The root cause for all this is “poverty", corruption, lack of proper law, lack of education, basic needs, it can go on and on ... its a big problem by itself. But then when someone knows there are such problems why marry in, why have kids and why kill them and don’t care for them???
What a shame, where are we heading to good or the worse?
The World definitely is much lovelier than what it is … but why kill this divinity, why torture this beauty, why shame the Gods?

Sorry folks i am not able to provide the link for these news , i had happened to read them in Times of India , The Hindu newspapers ... Please do check for more details

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