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Missing beats and a peep to what i wanna be soon ..... - just tagged !XHhad tagged me . So this is how I take it.
The tag was to write what are the 10 things I miss in my life right now , and what are the 10 things I want to achieve in 10 years !
My Missing beats?-
1.It will be always my school days - the time i spent with my best buddies at KSMHSS .... they are just the best time i have been blessed with ..
2. I miss being with Gren and dava , holding their hands and walking through the corridors , crying, laughing , playing pranks , talking , hugging.. oh my i cant even think now without tears ..... the others , small chats with friends during lunch and intervals prince, balram many meets to just see Arasi down in her 10th class, the passing papers and pens during class hour....
3. The small fights and games i used to play as kid with my dear bro .. sri ..(well we still have fun but then it was different !)
4.playing swing :) slides and see saw :D i know i can play now but the…
INNOCENCE Writhing in pain she lay on the bed,
Her body was all wet with the sweat pouring out,
Hands squeezed the worn out quilt,
Roughness scratching her tender palms.

Tears running down her now hidden eyes,
she screamed with all her strength,
God ... she yelled, for it was her labour day.
The doctors rushed and soon it was time.

There in bed, they operated out,
painted over in blood a lovely little baby
The tiny blessing was now crying,
A cry so special, for it was-welcomed with rejoice!

The nurse bathed it clean and wrapped it up,
her mommy now tired, yet smiling so clear.
Happiness was written all over her face,
for she was now donning a new role in life.

The role of a mother, the role so divine.

The bundle of joy was crying beside,
mother embraced her close to her heart.
The touch of love and the warmth of care,
It now cuddled cosy, right beside.

The innocence lit in its face,
in its eyes and the lovely smile.
The yearning for its mothers presence,
only spoke one language,
The language of lov…
Mehrbaan lyrics - from movie ADA .

I have got yet another lyrics of an amazing track by Rahman , the movie is ADA
Singer and Music composer -A.R.Rahman
Lyricist -Raqueeb alam
Track - Mehrbaan (Kindness/Mercy)

Tu Hai Zabaan, Main Hoon Bayaan
Tu Hai Neha, Main Hoon Haya - 2 Times

Tere Bina Main Hoon Be Zameen,
Tere Bina Main Be Aasma - 2 Times

Tu Hai Nadiyaan, Main Hoon Sangam
Tu Naya Saal, Main Pehla Mausam - 2 Times

Tere Bina Main Hoon Be Zameen,
Tere Bina Main Be Aasma,
Tere Bina Main Hoon Be Zameen,
Tere Bina.....

Meherbaan - 5 Times (While Humming)

Tu Hai Sana, Main Hoon Ana
Tu Hahteli, Main Hoon Heda - 2 Times

Aaj Elaan Yeh Kar Denge, Hum Ek Hai Ek Rahenge
Jo Aajaye Koi Toofan , Kabhi Raah Se Hum Nah Hathenge
Is Berangi Duniya Ko, Pyar Se Hum Rang Denge
Wafa Ka Diya Jalayenge, Har Ghar Mein Noor Bahenge

Tu Hai Nazar, Main Nazara
Tu Hai Sagar, Main Kinara
Tu Hai Zabaan, Main Hoon Bayaan
Tu Hai Neha, Main Hoon Haya

I just wanted to share this with you . Take care. Yes another new album is out thoda pyar thod…
Ada, Jaane tu ya Jaane na -ham tho hain  dono pe fida !

The Wizard is back .. now with a double dhamaka ..
two releases at a time - ADA and Jaane Tu ya Jaane na ..
The music is just amazing . Must hear for people who love Music and yes
of course the man - ARR himself .
how can me and my bro - both a ARR craze - die hard fans be not hear this new track -it s simply great to hear his music .
please do listen to both the albums .

Jaane tu ya Jaane na is a movie by a debut director Abbas tyrewala , produced by Aamir (again a fav) introducing his nephew Imran with Genelia as a lead pair . There are 7 songs
Every track has some best feeling about it , yes of course Kabhie kabhie , Pappu cant dance and Tu bolo are great followed by the rest . and be sure it will grow on you the more you hear ..

Ada has some 10 tracks in all , of which one is an instrumental of the Mehrbaan track and one is that ishq ada in male and female seperate tracks .

Must say ARR's voice has given the best one- Meh…
Bachpana !
What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?You were unicorn. You were mysterious and noble. You have fairytale traits, and other people can only dream in envy. Your nature is completely impossible to decipher and behind all that, you know that you shine bright, for only the luckiest people get the chance to know you.Find Your Character @ BrainFall.comHey all !
Hope you guys had a great weekend . Mine was just ok .. was feeling a kinda low .. so came to check blogs .. yup checked pris blog and remembered this link .. so time pass test ... took these tests as i had told pri earlier that i decided to post the results here .. :)
so unicorn and gryffindor.. i cant just stop smiling now for am in my fav house - the Potter house !(yup !am a potter fanatic!).
And hey pri i guess we have the same choice of place .. :) Paris!!!

What City Should You Live In?You should live in Paris. The city of lights will appeal to your appreciation of beauty and romance. You are a lover and a poet by nature…
Is your scorecard balanced?
In management there happens to be a term or a concept called A balanced Scorecard also known the BSC. It is used to check whether the small scale operational activities of a company or an organization are in lieu with that of the vision and the final objectives of the company as a whole. This concept started way back in 1987. Now, I was reading about this balanced scorecard, I thought how true is it to our real life way. Actually I felt we could look at 4 perspectives in life for each one of us. (Actually in the BSC they have used four perspectives or process to work out the card) They are –YOU, WE, THEM AND THE REST-THE UNIVERSE.
You – it means just the you, your health, the knowledge you have gained, your learning, your style, your thoughts. All these small- small things do matter for making the you. The habits you adapt, you follow, the way you talk, the way you treat others, the way you behave all that leaves a mark within yourself – i.e. the final you. I…
Cold blooded murders - Are we waging war against God?

There was shocking news I happened to read today, actually these may be the news we have been hearing all these days. Girl children, thrown away, abandoned, killed, aborted and what not!
Earlier it was like the parents aborted the child in the womb if they knew it was of the " female species" !!!
Well so they stopped revealing the gender in most hospitals . Now the thing is they abandon, kill, leave or never care about a baby girl once she falls in to their hands! (Oops for them its head since they take these kids as burden!)
Then why have babies at all yaar !
One can at least try pacifying ones mind that a father /male would prefer a son instead of a girl for various reasons, but what about the ladies, so called mothers who deliver the baby after carrying them within them for long …how are they able to throw away these small children without any heart?
Today’s Times of India, Chennai edition had news as “12 babies abandoned i…