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A Dream within a dream ....

One most important thing is that one needs to think or see the world in the eyes of a child ... imagination beyond our thoughts could think ! .Yes logical , pragmatic and systematic needs to be the adult thinking .. but then as children one is more open to things that can add more fun and joy to the colours of life .. Well may be that is why they say ignorance is a bliss !
why am i telling this eh ??

Well i penned a poem .. a stupid may be .. but it was penned - rather half penned long back in school .. i re worked on it .. more of a dream as a kid .....
What i had written here is a very truth, its about reading, Reading helps one think more , think better and think different ...

A Dream within a dream

The morning dew has settled on the leaves,

The little birdies now on their job,

The thousand rays of the mighty sun,

Slowly crept in through the crevice on the door.

It seemed just another day,

A day to work and day to tire

But there I woke up to see my bed

All set and all in wonders

Magic it was I could call,

There were stars high up the roof,

Teddies strewn all around

With many a book on the floor.

A red little dwarf was standing beside

Dressed in lovely red and white.

He bowed down with a lovely smile

His Santa hat hitting my thigh,

I sat alarmed, wondering where am I?

He then yelled out a good morning,

His voice was all shrill and hoarse,

Yet he bore a sweet good smile,

With his eyes twinkling as he spoke.

I still looked perplexed that; there-

I sat in my own room yet I was seeing

All strange things; things I never ever knew!

He walked towards the corner of my room

Picked up dresses I had never seen!

Long skirts with frilled lace, shining stones

Gracing the neck,

Dresses in pink, in white and blue,

All I knew was they looked cool!

He held a pair of best cut shoes

Dainty that they matched my suit,

I sat there wondering amazed,

Was I now a princess from the sky?

Handing me a big bunch of gifts

All wrapped in silvers and gold’s

I opened them one by one.

Still puzzled at who he was?

The teddies around now I saw,

Were all sitting just like in class

There were so many stuffed toys

A few were lions, and few bunnies

A few doggies to cuddle up and sleep.

Still in my thoughts I opened up the wraps

They were heavy to hold at least,

I placed them down and unwrapped

To see the lovely hard bound books.

All Enid Blytons and All Nancy drew’s,

Hardy boys and narayan too!

The Britannica’s sat nearby,

Alice in Wonderland was amidst the pile.

I still looked amazed at the dwarf,

He just blinked and smiled with warmth.

He promised me all good things

To follow my dreams in a world so wide!

I smiled and thanked the good old dwarf,

The teddies out there and the heaven so far

I still brimmed with my heart so high,

For there I saw many more lay piled.

Gifts; Gifts in pink and in blue,

Some with stars and some all gold!

There were gifts big and small,

There were few which I loved to have,

There were plenty hidden amidst the toys …

I smiled to see a small little girl,

A girl so young, a girl of the past

Lo! It was me in my reflections I saw,

I then knew I had seen my own past!

The dwarf was a character from the stories I had read ,

What I had imagined , whom I hero worshipped

Like a genie from the lamp ,from the books

i had got . I knew those toys

All had a heart , a heart very warm .

Read as much as you like ,

Read till you travel far and wide

Not just in reality , but in thoughts

Thoughts as pure as white.

A sweet little dream out from the books,

The books I loved, those I read,

I have seen a dream within a dream

A dream of innocence, a dream of joy!

© Meenu !

Image courtesy- Getty images !

Thanks ! Adios ....

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