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LI(EA)VE IT LIGHT! We live in a world that teaches us many a thing right from the time of our birth. This world is beautiful, good and lovely place to be in. At the same time it is surely treacherous, dangerous and difficult place to be in too. Why because the human relations, the bond is never the same for the heart and thought of a man (also a woman, man is a generalized statement). So imagine when we live amidst different – individuals with very different graphs in thoughts and heart, there surely will be bitter and sweet moments to cherish. Now when people have sweet moments to cherish; they love to share the happiness with others and enjoy the moment .But what happens when the heart is heavy, hurt and bad? Not all of us share or speak it out, it could be for anything say miscommunication, misunderstanding, fear some loss, some bad memory of the past etc. Some cry but how long and when in front of others they prefer not to share their state. But this really kills the joy of living.

.The Flower .

I am born anew, spirits high up,
I watch the sun, smiling brightly at me.
I know I live just for the day, yet the smile I don
lies so perfect in my face.
I dance, I nod, and I wink all in merry ;
I spread the fragrance, just like that in the breeze !
I know none would forget me here
for the mark i leave is always so dear.

I am a flower , the symbol of love,
A beacon of faith and of hope

Though it’s just a day, it’s my only day
The one day when I can truly love the world ;
The one day I can be smiling all along.
I thank the stars , i thank the lords,
Thank one and all for I have been given a day .
A day for me to spread love and peace,
A day for me to be happily free.
I share my love as nectar to few,
As fragrance i share my happiness too.
My mirth is shared as colours to few,
sharing all what is good to the world so huge.

I am a flower, the symbol of love.,
A beacon of faith and of hope!

There they come to kiss me fine ,
wish me luck and bade me bye .
A few so lovely as the coloured flies ,
a f…
Thanks to all special hearts for now i am two !

Hello all , I invite you all for my birthday party today .
Venue : My home sweet home @
Time :the whole day and even night ! ;) -April 17th 00 Hrs - 11:59 pm ! P.S : Those who forget and want to say belated wishes are allowed even after that . no time limit ! Gifts are welcome ! :D
About me !

I am ideasnet . My owner is Ms.Meenu.

Born on April 17th 2006, i turn 2 today . Wow ! Its my birthday . I am very happy to have shared all my thoughts in this lovely world . Every time , you visit me and pen comments for what i say , i feel happy that you have coloured my space , i loved it . i love colours and i love the way you colour it so please continue doing so ......
Thanks in advance !

Why ideas net ? what is in name , well so many asked me and i guess just like any other baby i was never asked before being named for they thought i am a kid who knows not a thing ! And i because of my little knowledg…
A Dream within a dream ....

One most important thing is that one needs to think or see the world in the eyes of a child ... imagination beyond our thoughts could think ! .Yes logical , pragmatic and systematic needs to be the adult thinking .. but then as children one is more open to things that can add more fun and joy to the colours of life .. Well may be that is why they say ignorance is a bliss !
why am i telling this eh ??

Well i penned a poem .. a stupid may be .. but it was penned - rather half penned long back in school .. i re worked on it .. more of a dream as a kid .....
What i had written here is a very truth, its about reading, Reading helps one think more , think better and think different ...

A Dream within a dream

The morning dew has settled on the leaves, The little birdies now on their job, The thousand rays of the mighty sun, Slowly crept in through the crevice on the door.
It seemed just another day, A day to work and day to tire But there I woke up to see my bed All s…
A brand new start , a brand new look ... now wishing each one of you a Happy Vishu !

Welcome to a the latest version of ideas net !
A brand new look ,  a total make over ..
Yes , i accept after days of hibernation, all because of my work, i am now back to a kind of normal blogging . and this makeover was also due to work !
how come ? well , was free at office and as the saying goes " make hay while the sun shines" , i used the time to rework on my blog and this is the result . Do let me know the feedback ..

Anyways now wishing each one of you a wonderful , peaceful and happy new year ... 
tamil new year on 13th April 2008 and a wonderful and lovely Vishu for all those from the God's own country - 14th April 2008 !

Take care
God Bless

Adios !
Yours truly ...

Am Tagged !

Yes , i was actually making some theme to post and i saw my name tagged in pria's blog ! So now answering her tag !
Hope this is ok priya :)


Last one i watched was Taare Zameen Par . else everything i watch is at home! same pinch pri :)


Reading "Detective" - Arthur Hailey


Love Scrabble and Chess.Of course these days the word it self seems to trigger nostalgic memories :)


these days it is Frozen thoughts and Business Today etc. and yes i still love Chandamama and Tinkle :) as a kid i loved Chandamama , Amarchitra kadha , Balarama, poombatta and tinkle .


Sandal , jasmine , rose, champak flower and so on.. actually all flowers . these were special .


violin , guitar , flute, drums,piano :)babies laughter , wind , birds,rain !


Losing memories of the self and rem…
The first Flight!

Hello World !
its been more than a month since i have written some thing - yes many reasons , not justifiable .. i know i know but now , i am back after long time .
Lot is there in mind to talk , to share to shout out .. !
Now i have to share this poem , i wrote this seeing the picture on which the words are there , the picture of the beautiful sky with lovely clouds.
For a normal person , this picture might just seem to be normal again. A blue sky that has scattered clouds !
Well scientifically , the clouds are altocumulus kind of clouds*(hope i am right !)
which mean high heaped clouds .
This picture was taken by one of my friend( my colleague) on her 1st trip to Singapore. This was her first flight and i imagined how one must have felt on their trip like this. This picture was an inspiration for me to pen this so called poem !Do enjoy !

Thanks . take care
and hey Wish all those who celebrate Ugadhi a Happy Ugadhi ..
even for others who dont :) !
Have a great weekend…