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Dear All ,
I am back again . Holidays are essential .. well sometimes it happens there could be some breaks that comes due to circumstances. I have changed my job so now I am with a different company so the travel to the place of work and home always takes most of my time so the rest I will spend reading , music and of course writing ( couldn’t log in on to blog though L) and family.

So slowly I realised I need to get back J too much of any thing is good for nothing hai na :D he he .So I have decided to post atleast once in a week or once in 2 weeks :D now please note I have not promised only decided :D
Hope things are going great for all of you .And yes belated happy valentines day wishes ..Yes I am sure many cupid arrows should have come your way :D enjoy and yes see to it you don’t get hurt .:D

Now 1st post after 50 days !!! bingo am on a half century L well actually its saddenning to note that the blog has been sleeping like a kumbakarna L hmm .. well hope I give it work a t least once a week !

So what do I have to write about ?
Valentine's day ???

A day for lovers ???
A day for people to show how much they love their beloved??
Well every day is a day to show how much does one care , how much does one love and think about the other , be it their friend , parents , siblings spouse , relatives , children or what ever be it .
It is a day to show or say I care for you , I think about you .
Probably this day marks the day of St.Valentine and hence we do such to at least express the thoughts and heart to our loved ones. ( we do see protests for this .. so strange people cant be happy even on one single day ?? ) marketing heads try exploiting this but still this does serve the purpose for those who are busy throughout and try using a chance to express their love for their loved ones.

But it would be better if each one of us could live every day as lovely as this :) sharing both joy and sorrow and building bonds of trust , faith , love and care!

First before I go on to write on this topic , I want to wish the entire world ,love , peace and happines.. always.

I want to say my parents that I love them very much for all what they have done and been doing and are doing and yes will do ! I want to say wish my brother – younger sri – for all the wonderful moments we have been together , we have fought together and have had fun.

I want my friends out there since school to know I love them for what they are for what they have made me . some special names I want to mention – since 3rd standard – till now.I want to say my love to all my best friends,and other friends who have been with me through thick and thin.This includes my best friends and buddies from Kamala Subramaniam school , tanjore , the school at Trivandrum , Coimbatore and College at Chennai !

Dava, Grenny , Betsy, Dhanu , Adi, Prince, Neha, Balram ,Ajmal ,Arasi, Sandy, Divu(calicut)Sanjeev, Prer, Gerald , Madhu, Dhivya,Ram, Radha , sridevi , navneet, nilu, minu ,deepa(my sis ),gladys, manu ,gokul, santhosh,Sreeja, arthi , shiva (rakhi bro),akshara(my younger sis )and anish, the entire set of vcmcs 11 devils,juniors and my sterling team. I wish to thank my blog friends – Deepak gopi, pria, shiva , known stranger, sudhakar, ramu , amritha and many …. .

I hope I have not forgotten to mention any one. If so please excuse me either I wold have forgotten to type here or overlooked !

I want to thank and wish my teachers . especaially swarna miss for her love for us . we are still in touch. I wish thank my gurus – from both college and office – special mention to my 1st boss Sam Jebadoss Samuel , trainer Ravi Shivram and Hema madam for all their teachings and blessings !

I also wish to thank every other stranger ihave met on earth - for being in some way instrumental in teaching me something very essential for life.

I want to thank my present team at Fresh and Honest . especially to the person whom I have mentioned about here since I share my bay with her and also I am new to the place ( one month old :D), and the rest of them -the HR team , marketing finance and of course all the HOD's for being so warm and taking me as one among them!

In my new organisation there is a girl who is very active and cherubic.Her name is Manju Biju -Fresh and Honest :) who handles the Admin which works in tandem with the HR team. She as he name goes she is very sweet .She cares for all , be it the employee or her own friends and family. She cares for the company and I see passion in her for whatever she does . well that is why she saw to it that she shared her concern and love just like every other day yesterday but of course with a rose – red rose to every individual employee from our office Fun club she heads ! I am sure it must have been her intiative to start the fun club and of course with the support from the organisation as such.

Now actually someone can say its no big deal , the company’s money and she s purchasing whats the big thing about that ?

Well she does that so beautifully that none can ever say it was just given for the sake of giving.

I should say , that all good wishes from every employee must have gone to her as blessings and good wishes that she was surprised by her loving hubby that very night with lovely gifts ! Of course most husbands or wives always do especially when they have been bonded by love- that’s choosing either as a partner for life would have been a individual own choice , just bonding minds which is beyond caste , creed and religion , countries.especially with the whole hearted acceptance from parents and again do note priorities change from people to people.

But then the fact that every concern and care one shows is always got back in two fold . tha’ts the nature of universe like it happened for her.I believe all good will happen to one who loves and cares truly for others.

I would like to share this mail . I got as a forward . It is about a story of a lady who was going by a car and got held /stuck at a highway late night. Her car’s tyre burst and she didn’t have a spare tyre also. Another car was passing by and the person in it saw that and stopped. He sensed her fear and stopped his old car . The lady was still looking worried for she felt he looked poor and hungry and since not one has stopped as of now, will he be approaching to attack her ? But he smiled and introduced himself as Bryan and asked her about the problem. He saw that there was no spare tyre with her and hence took his and refixed that on to her Mercedes.

She was so thankful that she offered him money as a token of gratitude . He replied back “do not pay me if at all you wish to repay me , do help someone in need, care for them and love them whenever you come across a person like that and think of me ! “
The lady smiled and thanked him and went back. She was old and anything could have happened if she was left all alone there at that highway. She stopped on the way to have a bite at a cafĂ©. There the waitress came smiling and offered her towel to wipe her wet hair and served her choice .She was eversmiling and this lady noticed she was 8 months pregnant and yet didn’t show a tinge of strain on her face. The lady wondered how could someone be so good to a stranger? She then remembered Bryan!
The lady had her food and paid a 100 $ bill. The waitress went to get change but before that she slipped away. The waitress searched at her table and saw a napkin with that lady’s writing –

“You don't owe me anything. I have been there too. Somebody once helped me out, the way I'm helping you. If you Really want to pay me back, here is what you do:! Do not let this chain of love end with you.”
The waitress was standing with tears in her eyes, for inside the napkin was 300$ bill and she knew what it meant for her now .She returned home, she saw her husband sleeping. She knew how tough it was for them to work with a new arrival at home soon. She kissed him and said; “ I love you Bryan, all will be fine dear” He was still asleep…

So .. i end with as usual a verse on Love and life

Love all hate none...
for this is just one life
we have on earth , make it lovely
and beautiful as it can be ...
so enjoy every day as a day of love ...
smile so often that a heart melts :)
who knows what's in store and
live life as it comes!

With tons of love and prayer .. yours truly ,
Meenu !

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