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Dear All ,
I am back again . Holidays are essential .. well sometimes it happens there could be some breaks that comes due to circumstances. I have changed my job so now I am with a different company so the travel to the place of work and home always takes most of my time so the rest I will spend reading , music and of course writing ( couldn’t log in on to blog though L) and family.

So slowly I realised I need to get back J too much of any thing is good for nothing hai na :D he he .So I have decided to post atleast once in a week or once in 2 weeks :D now please note I have not promised only decided :D
Hope things are going great for all of you .And yes belated happy valentines day wishes ..Yes I am sure many cupid arrows should have come your way :D enjoy and yes see to it you don’t get hurt .:D

Now 1st post after 50 days !!! bingo am on a half century L well actually its saddenning to note that the blog has been sleep…