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Random scribbles - that make you giggle !

For a change i think i wish to scribble all what i feel like for a few minutes :) .I am sure there may not be any coherence between what i start with and what i end ! and yes also in what i chatter in between ! he...he... but just keep reading :) hope my scribbles dont bore you !

Life is so strange at times aint it?
When we live the way we wish , people say we are arrogant and headstrong ! when we listen to others advice and plans and take up suggestions we are branded as those who are never independent ! How strange na ...well but that is how it will be .. even amidst this strangness there exists excitment and so we keep living the way it is...

I was watching a news somewhere a few days back and one thing that still crops my mind is that man always and almost very often loves more and more money ! :D than anything else . What if no money existed ? well am sure he will surely be in love with nothing :) sounds strange na .. yes true .. cos he may not be knowing what is the value of anything and always there may be fight and haste to reach out all the materials in the world ! when no money is used the strongest and the cleverest and the cunning will own everything and the poor will be left behind . am i not right ?

It just struck to me about one thing that i had seen , something so ironically coincidental ! It is a place in Chennai , near Nungambakkam flyover !There is a Hindu burial ground there and just adjacent to that is a hospital and health centre and please i am not sure was it a coincidence or a wantedly done , the hospital is known as the "Dhairyam mental health care centre" well it means "Dhairyam - brave" ! Isnt that strange ?

NEWS ? These days watching a news channel , without a gupshup about a cine star or celebrity break up or their view on some relationship they are in to , a bomb blast or a building collapse or an accident ! all has become so very common that i dont know is it that no news is complete without these or has it just become a way of life .
I guess we need to start our news with some best and happy things happpening across the globe !

Ah ! yes , school shootout .. did any one notice the day this incident happend at Gurgaon, the strange grave incident of 2 school boys of 14 years age fire bullets at their classmates since he teased them !This did take the entire world by surprise since this is so uncommon here in our country!Within 2 days we hear similar news from various other places . In India though such a thing was a SHOCK since it was never expected at all , there was yet another news of a teen poking something in his classmates eye that cost his sight at Mumbai! all because he was teased !!!! Alas similar news at London and a murder of 2 Phd students at the US !
Is this a disease spreading so fast ?


is there some stop for all this ?

Oh i guess so are you telling now after reading eh :D
well not troubling .. any more just would love to end with a something funny yet to ponder!

Some important laws which newton forgot to state

Law of queue : If you change the queue , the one you left will move faster than the one you are in now !"

Law of telephone : When you dial a wrong number you never get an engaged tone :D

Law of itch : After your hands get painted with grease , your nose starts to itch "

Law of workshop : Any tool when dropped will roll to the least accessible corner .

Law of traffic : The day you wish you have to be early to , there will be a big and slow vehicle just in front of you not letting you move :D else you wish or not you will be promptly available at your place :D

Law of internet : The day you are busy , you wil find all your friends online , and cant talk to any , the day you are bored none can you find ! ( of course this is anew one :D not at Newtons time )

Btw what would it have been like had Newton experienced a cocunt fall ! :D he he i can see all Physicsphobics smiling ..:D ..

Happy week ahead !
Adios !


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