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Where's the child within us ?

I sat down helping my neighbour's daughter who is in her 6th with her History assignment for her class room internals. It was a project on anything related to the chapters that had been already covered .

She wanted to do her project on some chapter and i was helping her with that in that creative and content . We were working on that and her kid brother who was just in kindergarten joined us . A very smart , sharp and yes naughty little boy he was as usual at his best shooting all curious questions that popped up in his very small inquisitive mind .

We encouraged him and were replying whenever we could and simultaneously working on our report . Suddenly i shot out a question to my lil sis and lo he gave an answer
that really was such a spontaneous one to come from a child's mouth!

Who says that kids are innocent and do not much .. well they are very creative and may be they have a spark in them which even we do not possess.
Why so ?

I thought , why didn't that strike me earlier , though i had been considered creative or good . i could no think that simple thing which that little boy could place at that right moment

It is because they fear less and they do not know any thing much and they are new . What about us , we learn , we read a lot , we think and we socialize and all this builds in a small barrier within us and this wall does not let us think beyond a level.

The incessant flow of thoughts within a child .
Never does he know what is it to fear ,
Nor does he know what will become when he is honest .
hence he never lies , he never betrays
he works, he walks and thinks
breaking all walls
creatively does he paint his
lovely little world ...

Unless the evil veils of
society , education and people
tamper his mind and brain
making his cranium work like a machine
his mind to fly within a border ..
Fear blinding his inner eye
never seeing what is special ,
never thinking to dare

They walk and think and work with a confidence that does not have a block of the so called fear , doubt or anything .
They work ,may be they follow what the Bhagavad Gita says ,"Do your duty do not expect reward" , may be they work based on the fact that " Doubt crops in then it means you are walking towards trouble" ..

They do not fear , they work they enjoy and they are curious .They are innocent and hence straight forward.

Wish we always carry that little "child" in us so that we do not fear when we work and all what is done with passion ..

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