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Andheri raath , chand tho nahin tha
aasman mein
baadol ke beech lukka chuppi khel raha tha
woh apne duniya mein.
ek aawaz ne mujhe pukaara
chaunkkar uti , dhekne keliye
ki kaun yaad kiya hamein is
aadhi raath ko
Dheki idhar udhar
aankhon mein ujwal ke saath
doond tho bekaar nikla
kyun ki mila tho koi nahin !

surili aawaz phir se
gungunaayi apne dil mein
par woh saamne nahin thi

Kisi ke choone se ...
aankh kholi
tho paas baiti apni mummy ;)
(he he )
yeh tho khwaab raha
sirf sapne mein soch baiti
ki apsara aayi hai mujhe le jaane

haan yeh to apsara thi
ghar mein apni
meri pyaari maa

This is just a hindi poem .. a funny poem actually but then it actually means how sweet a mother is :) hope i could give that expression right!

take care
The Gratitude

How could you,forget my face,
when i was there beside you
when always in need?

How could you know me not
when you could smile when
always in need?

Was i your friend so true by heart
or did i arise only when in need?

Did my name ever glide past,
those doors of your heart ?
Or did i ever smile when you
closed your eyes?

Ever did my cries reach thou ear?
Ever did my wails knock thou heart ?
Ever did my smiles brush apast ?

Was it all that thou knew me only in need?

I know for most thou love me not but
thou love me most ,when thou need me best
else i am just a stranger beside
waiting for an ungrateful heart to share a smile !

I know for sure you will remember me not.
yet my name will strike a chord,
to knock at my doors
when you have nowhere to go !

How did i know when you weeped so quietly ?
How did i care when you lost your mind?
Only time when i heard you call ,
was to lend you hand when in grief.

Where were you when thy called you for ?

Did your heart know that i was at your doors?
Did you…
Wish you a merry christmas ! wish you a merry christmas .. i wish you all a wonderful christmas !!!

Wishing all people in the world a Wonderful and Merry Christmas !
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas today .. May the Lord Bless you all with all happiness and peace .. so that the journey forward will be great ... and will surely bless the earth !

Take care !
Adios Amigo !
Blind thoughts , did i sleep off?

Walking down the streets ,
i stopped to see a girl
a girl with an extra hand ,
a hand that sees for her.

I walked beside her.
Smiling,I asked her
as to where did she wish to go
so that i can see for her?

The girl replied ,thanking me
saying it's God who brings
you people for us , I thank,
all those good hearts out here.

I smiled weakly saying,
"God is so special that He
surely will bless you all,
with a sight within you
that glows even in the dark" .

Conversation a while ,
she coneveyed the fact that
she was studying the ,
existence of our Golden past.

Her parents afar
she lived alone in this place,
living to keep her lamp ,
The lamp of knowledge
burning so bright ,
that will lighten up her visions
which lay hidden in the dark .

She then asked,
"Have you ever been to help someone like me ?"
I nodded ,yet taken aback
for there now was , that naked truth torn apart.

i know i have been good
but did i make a difference ?
did i do something great for…
Random scribbles - that make you giggle !

For a change i think i wish to scribble all what i feel like for a few minutes :) .I am sure there may not be any coherence between what i start with and what i end ! and yes also in what i chatter in between ! he...he... but just keep reading :) hope my scribbles dont bore you !

Life is so strange at times aint it?
When we live the way we wish , people say we are arrogant and headstrong ! when we listen to others advice and plans and take up suggestions we are branded as those who are never independent ! How strange na ...well but that is how it will be .. even amidst this strangness there exists excitment and so we keep living the way it is...

I was watching a news somewhere a few days back and one thing that still crops my mind is that man always and almost very often loves more and more money ! :D than anything else . What if no money existed ? well am sure he will surely be in love with nothing :) sounds strange na .. yes true .. cos he …
Where's the child within us ?

I sat down helping my neighbour's daughter who is in her 6th with her History assignment for her class room internals. It was a project on anything related to the chapters that had been already covered .

She wanted to do her project on some chapter and i was helping her with that in that creative and content . We were working on that and her kid brother who was just in kindergarten joined us . A very smart , sharp and yes naughty little boy he was as usual at his best shooting all curious questions that popped up in his very small inquisitive mind .

We encouraged him and were replying whenever we could and simultaneously working on our report . Suddenly i shot out a question to my lil sis and lo he gave an answer
that really was such a spontaneous one to come from a child's mouth!

Who says that kids are innocent and do not much .. well they are very creative and may be they have a spark in them which even we do not possess.
Why so ?

I thought ,…