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Hi all ...
I am just posting this poem so beautifully penned by my boss/ trainer and a great inspirer .. Mr.Ravi Shivram .. with his permission

It is amazing to see such a poetic genius ..
He is a great soul .. evolved and evolving ...

The usual things which we use .. ie the PC .. he has used his most perfect thoughts to correlate the life and PC!!
here it is for a wonderful read!!!


Intention Spring cleaning, took all the old FILES from the attic above
After lot of SERCH in my PROPERTIES

And there was something really for SHARING

I went to this PATH, COOKIES of life,
Can I UNDO or MOVE what is fated?

The almighty has SET all the DOCS
And HE knows the best to VIEW the STATUS

All I could do now was to chew my THUMBNAILES
Tried my best to look REFRESHED

Yes, like LINKS people come and go
All we can do is smile, giggle, or just GOOGLE say YAHOO

Can you or me CUSTOMIZE life?
When doors are shut and WINDOWS open

Mind is directionless and wonder with DISCONNECT galor…
Swaying with the wind of life !

Speeding across the sand and seas,
there roars the wind in its own way
It beautifully teaches us a lovely lesson
to,never lose faith and just go our way .
what's in store not one knows;
Speeding through the journies of life.
We struggle to make our lives shine.
Strangers turn just friends and foes
All just matters with the speed we go
Trust in God , you make your way
Never knowing how well we sway !

Hi all !

I have been posting blogs .. which were just all my emotions, thoughts shared ..
So i thought today why not some gyaan?
i mean some information :)
Then came my thoughts .. as to what information do i have to share ..
then it stuck to me on the most beautiful things .."WORDS" ..
Yes what we use to write , cry ,laugh, emote , scare , threaten ,demand, express,read etc etc ..
words they are the best ones to give a shape for one's thoughts !
Luckily one of the most gifted person i have met had lend me a lovely informative book called "Word Origins" and their Romantic Stories by Wilfred Funk ....
Well its too difficult to share teh entire book .. so i am just bringing out 7 words .. 5 which we use most frequently and 2 others and about how did they originate ....

1.Magazine - once a storehouse
The Arabian word "makhzan" meant storehouse, a place where grain and other supplies were kept. Originally books were called magazines since the…
Dreams to Believe and hence to live ......

Do i believe in the facets of life?
Do i trust in the goodness of faith ?
Do i see the light of truth ?
Do i follow the rythmn of thoughts?
When can i become an evolved soul ?
When will i quench my thirst of desire?
I hear the pangs of my hungry soul,
I sense the pain of my frozen thoughts.
My dreams are still vague in my heart ,
waiting to be etched in the walls of time.
I still live ...
for i still belive
in the simple truth
that the dreams do come true!!
Those Stars ....

They smile , they talk
they whisper in my wildest dreams
They paint , they faint
up in the sky so high
They twinkle , they glow , they shine;
when there is no light
They reflect , decide
and they forecast what is right
I love them ,
those stars ,
they light up my thoughts.
even when heaven is just too far
I wish i can become one soon ..
with my eyes shining bright
to leave a mark in every mind !
An unborn child

A life within a life ;
Growing every moment;
sensing every beat,
watching every action,
reading every thought,
waiting to break out and
embrace the new world .
A world ;of funny languages,
lovable hugs and sweetest kisses,
taunting looks and fiery words,
higher studies and golden dreams
loyal buddies and ruthless enemies
passionate goals and all follow

Never does it know
how cozy is life within
till it experiences this
strange yet lovely world

Yes, life is sure so beautiful,
a treasure so unbelievable,
smiling all the way,
living every moment;
there lies an unborn child
waiting to start its lovely journey !
yaadein ! - those sweet memories

After a long time i wish to pen some Hindi poems .. Since i do not have the font i am going to type hindi in englisn

The poem goes like this

Yeh ham kahaan aaye hai ?

Ham aaye hai is mod par
jahaan par ham mehsoos kar rahe hai
sirf akelaapan .
par haan, ham tho yaad karenge
har roz
har waqt
zindagi tho guzar jaayegi
yaad tho aapki aa he jaayegi
aur is bahaane kuch pal
ham muskuraayenge .

The meaning of this poem in English .
I have attempted a very quick translation .:) so not sure how good it will be .

Memories !

Where have i reached ?
I have reached this moment
where i embrace nothing else
but just lonliness.
Yes , i do think of you
every day , every moment
those memories live in my thoughts
with every single beat
life just moves on
sweet memories of yours
will do knock my heart
with smile painting my face
for at least a moment !

hope it s k :) but whatever it is i have tried painting what s in my heart ..

Take care
Have a lovely week ahead
A poem in the heats of traffic beat !

I love to cry , i love to smile,
I love to know the reason why ?
I love to care , i love to share,
I love to spread love in the air .
I love to read , i love to write
I love to fly in the dreams so fine
I love to sing , i love to dance
I love to sway in the rythm of life
It's just a thought when i get lost ..
amidst the jingles of the traffic jam !!

Well i just penned this poem while on my week back home from office ..
just wanted to post !

Well take care tomm will post you two such poems written while in travel ..

Adios !
Strange - world and ways ...

Illogical and unreasonable is the world
Self centred are their thoughts- yet
Forgive them anyway

Ulterior motives is what they feel
with every kind word you utter
every act of love you shower- but
continue being kind anyways.

Hard work paints name and fame
with many a false friends and
some true enemies by your side- but
do not stop and tread steady anyways

The big things you make ,
with many years of sweat and faith
just a day is enough to mar
for many a ones who just watch to smile
but keep going anyways

A honest heart and straight thoughts
make you so gullible for a few to play
but be honest anyways.

The good deeds done
do not last in their minds,
just like the ones etched on sands;
but do good anyways

Give the best to what ever you do
it may never be enough though;
but continue showing the best.

Your smile may win
many a hearts and heartburns too
yet continue smiling

Just remember the biggest truth
your life on earth was blessed
by the Fa…
Blessed to be alive

How do i know thee when i know not thyself ?
How do i love thee when i love not thyself?

Oh ! what paints your thoughts
when you close your eyes

Mind traverses where the eyes do not see
The moments of truth and the agonies of past
Sway in the heart with the future in the dark.

i stop to open my eyes
with tears kissing my lips ,
the cold air soothes my lungs
i smile for i know i am
still blessed to be alive!