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Books and pens
All strewn around ,
He did not like them .

His Mommy's voice echoed around,
"Homework is yet to be done" !
Ground and stumps lured him
Exams and lectures just held him around !

How he wished he could throw all
his books and pens
to go marching off to ground !

It just remained a wish !

Sulking,his homework done ,
he ran hurriedly out just to
watch the rains kissing the ground
musically ;pitter-patter allround.

How boring indeed to;
just watch the black and white coins
dance around on the board!
for he had to play indoors.

Time just ticked away ,
stomach grumbled ,
Snack was ready on his favourite bowl
healthy spincah and carrot
with a white glass beside !
his eyes disappeared with his squirm
he grunted and the bowl lay there just untouched.

Skipping food , hurt his stomach ,
and he lay on bed clutching tight .
Mommy dear ,came near and cuddled him;

"Am i still a baby ?"
he shoved her off and ran away feigning fit !

Ding Dong , the bell rang,
Daddy strongest was back home ..
running he hugged his dad to get the gift
wrapped up in blue,
Lost in his own world he
grabbed the packet to open

what lay beneath was not what he wanted
curve now was setting down ,
daddy promised next time pecking on his cheeks !
nodding silently ,
he walked back to his cosy bed.

Years passed ,now he was a big boy
knowing what was in the world
internet and emails his world ,
virtual yet real and quick .
a forward mail once just knocked his
Struggling lives across the world ,
far away from his cosy shelteris what he saw.

The books and pens he hated more,
and had beyond his needs ,
with not one found there;
The wet earth,their book
Thin rugged fingers their pen.

The games were just the same ,
a twig and a broken lamp;
and a few stones to decorate,
yet he saw them smile always .

Food he wasted , was now in their platter,
Starving just for a morsel.
None to stroke their head nor care when in pain

No brand nor any choice for;
they had none to wear,
still struggling to walk
They lived life by just
God's grace , for they know not-
if they can wake up tomorrow.

Sleeping on the wet dirty earth,
They just wished to sleep
forever with their pain asleep with them !

Are we still complaining ?

This is based on a forward that one of my very favourite Sir whom i respect, forwarded to me with the idea that i think something from that .
I am sure all of you would have got that forward . I am just taking the bits of all the pics and have made this one (one that is used in the post!)
How strange is the world !
The corners of world still lay uncovered which will surely have more such vagaries of human life to be brought out if uncovered !
Are we complaining ? even now !
We must be thankful to the Lord who has given us what is best for us or even more than that and we must repay back in the best way by being of help for the society in any small or big means that one can !

May we not waste food for we know not the value of the same because we have aplenty with us !
May we not hate our near and dear ones , for those who do not will know how it is to not have someone to care for !
May we thank our parents and God and siblings for giving us yet another happy cosy day to live for the ones who sleep on the roads with none to care will know how it is to lead a life !

Poverty is a sin ! It has to be eliminated . We need to bring in more values for whatever good is planned doesnt work with the lack of values that stop the proper implementation !

Anywyas shabba khayar !
Take care
Bye !

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