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hi guys ! how are you all doing ...
me going on in long breaks with my work going on in waves and my net in swings!!!:D
sorry for not updating...
please do keep dropping in .. for who knows suddenly you may find the hidden treasure !!:-)
just kidding ...
will be right back ..
do wait !

adios !
HaPpY tEaChEr'S dAy.....

Dear teacher ,

Thanks .
I want to thank you for all what you have done for me .
to thank you for all what you have made me ,
Words what i pen now is all your blessing ,
your inspiration.
This goes out to you , where ever you are in any corner of the world !
I love you for what you are .....
i love the way you have moulded me as if i were your own treasured treasure !
Oh dear teacher i wish to the Almighty Lord that He blesses you with the best of everything always. May you be the best teacher always . May you teach the best ..most important make everyone to dream.....dream high achieving great heights ..

I know it must have been difficult for you to manage people like me in class , but i thank you most sincerely for having tolerated me and others for all what we did and been a person whom we look up to .

A Teacher's day just doesnt mean a day for me to wish people like you but then it is a day that i can specially take time to tell that you are still in …

Books and pens
All strewn around ,
He did not like them .

His Mommy's voice echoed around,
"Homework is yet to be done" !
Ground and stumps lured him
Exams and lectures just held him around !

How he wished he could throw all
his books and pens
to go marching off to ground !

It just remained a wish !

Sulking,his homework done ,
he ran hurriedly out just to
watch the rains kissing the ground
musically ;pitter-patter allround.

How boring indeed to;
just watch the black and white coins
dance around on the board!
for he had to play indoors.

Time just ticked away ,
stomach grumbled ,
Snack was ready on his favourite bowl
healthy spincah and carrot
with a white glass beside !
his eyes disappeared with his squirm
he grunted and the bowl lay there just untouched.

Skipping food , hurt his stomach ,
and he lay on bed clutching tight .
Mommy dear ,came near and cuddled him;

"Am i still a baby ?"
he shoved her off and ran away feigning fit !

Ding Dong , the…