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My Mother India !

Oh ! why though
The day has dawned again ..
yet another birthday ...
India is going on a steady sixty ..
A year,looking forward some better times,
stronger minds and greater hopes!
What am i giving India ?
What am i gifting her?
She my mother , one who ;
embraces me in both life and death
Though present as mud and sand ,
she is the one who shelters me
gives me a way to walk ,
to play , to work and live
and a place to sleep the eternal
night !

What is she now ?
What is she today ?
What is she to be in the morrow?
I know not ; though,
my heart swells in happiness
when i see her afar
batting steady
another twenty decade from now
A few years from today she
will live a different
Way .. a style that
proclaims to the world that
she is a country to be watched out for!

I wish i be a part among those
brilliant young bloods who
can drive our motherland
to light that lamp of glory!
A lamp that spreads
love , peace and integrity
burns evil, hunger
and curbs corruption !
Leads the needy
Unconditional Love

Who is bothered when you fall ?
Who cares when you need ?
Who fondles when you are hurt?
Who hugs when you win ?
Who forgets the world when you are there?
for whom does it matter what you are ?
It is all just You;
and your creators who adore you !
There also exists a bunch of true friends
who love you deeply from within
and care unconditionally .
Everything else just glistens for a while ,
else what does it matter,for the rest of the world;
What you become or what you love
Live life a gay , loving and sharing
caring and living life ...
as a humane ..
Take an extra step to care for your
parents , for what they have done !
True friends need you most ..
for their loyal hearts to rest ...
care and shower your blood and sweat ..
and live what you wish to .
paint your dreams ..
Seek for an answer from within for
what good you have been to the helpless
family and the best ones ?

Introspect ..
Live ,
Smile and care .
Share and Dare .....
to be different !
Love Unconditionally ..

This is a ded…

This all happened with a mail that i recieved as a forward ! This carried a subject line as "BRILLIANT QUESTIONS/DOUBTS" .I passed on the same to one of my Sir , who is a trainer consultant in my company by name Mr.Ravi Shivram and send him as a forward .And as it might be i recieved back those BRILLIANT QUESTIONS ANSWERED! I really loved and so wanted to post the same for the delight of the readers...he agreed !!
Following are those questions asked and the answers are available below! HAve fun reading that !

1. If all the nations in the world are in debt(am notjoking. even US has got debts), where did all the money go?

All I can do now is give a PLASTIC smile!! And start watering my money plant!
2.When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it?
3.What is the speed of darkness?
Come on yar- take it LIGHTLY!
4.If the "black box" flight record…
The Choice has to be made- ASAP!

I am not doing things right !
I know i am preoccupied . I am not content with what i am , with what i feel is my
path progressing . Lots of pathways i see here and there meandering towards more and more lush green pastures !!! I am standing in the junction watching them and not able to decide on what i have to follow. There is a whisper and i see a shadow whispering to me slowly , "Meenu ... What are you waiting for ? Why are standing so preplexed ? It is very easy choose the path quickly else you will be late in reaching the other end."
I answer ,"Hmmm.. That is the problem now , I am not able to decide on my path .I feel i would fit in the path which turns right , but then i am not sure if i will make it to the last !'
In a way the path near that tree seems adventours and interesting but am i the right kind of person to be on that ..?"
The conversation was going nowhere it was just a bowl of confusions .

Then came my friend , he sm…

"A past i hate to look back
A future i fear to think about" -
There ,beneath the cot lies a
helpless little soul.
Dark past with grey webs
designed .. hanging down
covering its sheen ..
A future that looks so hollow
within that deep dark tunnel
All the time his memories,
rewind bringing in those
crimson dark moments ;
which are etched in stained
black thoughts!
Welling up eyes yet with a
simple smile painting his lips.
The mind swirls like a fast forward tape
to see what lies beneath his dreams ..
but all what comes is an empty tape
waiting to be written .....
Or is it already done, but invisible?
He wakes up to the present
with the beauty of the nature welcoming him
for a day to be bright as the sun.
He realises what went earlier was just a
memory ...
to hold close and not let loose
for every memory is a colour that paints
bright in his canvas of life !
He knows what is to come is a dream
and that will hold good for ;
what he thinks is what reflects in the tape ..