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An eternal Query !

I found this very beautiful and funny but really perfect mail as a forward .
Thought will share this with all of you !


Did it ever occur to you that a man's life is full of cussedness? He comes into the world without his consent,

and goes out against his will, and the trip between is exceedingly rocky.

When he is little, the big girls kiss him; when he is big, the little girls kiss him. If he is poor, he is a badmanager; if he is rich, he's a crook. If he is prosperous, everybody wants to do him a favor; if he needs credit,they hand him a lemon.

If he is in politics, it is for graft; if out of politics, he is no good to his country. If he doesn't give to charity,

he's a tightwad; if he does, it's for show. If he is actively religious, he is a hypocrite; and if he takes no interestin religion, he is a heathen.

If he is affectionate, he is a soft mark; if he cares for no one, he is cold−blooded. If he dies young, there was agreat…
The window of our soul - Penned notebooks !

Wails of the heart ;heard not a soul ,
A shiver down the spine, just bowled me down
Thoughts swirled , past my mind ,
questions popped ,just out my brains !
All it asked was just one thing
Do I have to Die Unknown?
Papers ruffled , fingers fumbled
A pen in hand and a note to scribble !
Then came a note that ruled my
world !
A world so alien and so strange,
A world of thoughts an adobe of dreams !
Hands penned my thoughts,
And,dreams bloomed little wings .
With verbs so weird and scribbles so dear.
The thoughts just inked the papers through,
She ,the diary became my all-
for ,she was the world , of my thoughts!
I painted my emotions , my dreams and my passion,
With fragrance of joy , gloom and anger
Spread across pages,
Writing ,my passion ,a vision and a dreaml;
though its pathetic I just keep it going
My diary is a means to live
To express and to smile...
i keep it going with scribbles
so fine !
Wishing my little world
a never ending creativity ,
What is your choice ? - A horse or a donkey !

Donkey or a horse
no matter what you ask
you can be you as what
you choose you to be !

This is what my boss adviced me about life ! He told me that in life we can be either a donkey or a horse .What is the difference . A donkey is not adamant while the horse is !
It is not after all bad being adamant ! aint it ?
Life is all about twists and turns . No matter what we see or what we hear
we can move ahead with just faith in heart and this helps us walk us long way !
He gave me just one advice and i think that is what is necessary for life . Being still .. well still waters run deep ! I do not know if i am truly confused in life . Well though i may seem to be so deep within me i am calm . But then since what i am is what i impress people as .I also realised that the most difficult thing in life is to tell a No ! in life . But then thats the most important thing that one must learn ! Because the world takes you for a ride if we do not knwo how …