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"Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in the mind. Suggestion is the
friction which brings it out. So with all our feelings and actions-our tears and our
smiles, our joys and our griefs, our weeping and our laughter, our curses and our
blessings, our praises and our blames-every one of these we may find, if we calmly study our own selves, to have been brought out from within ourselves by so many blows. The result is what we are. All these blows takentogether are called karma-work, action."

A small quote by my most favourite Swami Vivekananda ji

Life is all about the way the work and karma functions . It is the way the life is rewarded , We do our duty and we are given rewards no matter we ask or not !

I just wanted to post this quote for it is a powerful one !
Unique Master's piece

Apples in a basket
And oranges too,
Is it difficult to;
Separate the two ?

So is our life ,
It is just the same .
You or me may be the same
But You are You and
None can replace you.
Frequencies match,
but i am not the one that
you see within you .
There never has been
another you ;
nor another me.
Nor there ever can be ,
another you or me
looks and names
may strike a chord.
But the soul that dons the
person ,always stands apart.
Never can that ever be painted
for each of us
is a masterpiece!
Our master's piece
on this lovely earth.

Proving our worth is a daunting task
but the way that goes is
all that lasts.
Making our master,
smile at our worth.
So start living life
following the vision
of our very existence!

Adios ! Have a great day

PS : Picture courtesy -Copyright of Gettyimages
Eternal Awakening !

What will happen if tomorrow never sees the sun ?
What will happen if the chirping of birds were to vanish ?
What will happen if the blooming of flowers never paints the earth?
What will happen if the menfolk all lie dormant as yester night ?
No shops opened , no one working ,
Earth all silent with no one walking
The breeze just silently wades past
brushing the sensless objects
A wink of the eye ,A small gasp of breath
all seems stopped with the whole world;
waiting for an eternal awakening !
Living life a HEART(Y) Way ....

Chasing dreams the way the heart goes and thoughts flow .. reflecting the actions

Anvesha lay on the bed. She tossed in the bed . She rolled and rolled over , even the summer heat rolls would have been better! Ding Dong ! The clock had stuck 1 . Tomorrow was the day . She had to take her decision if she wanted to continue with her job at the company she was working or the new one that lay in her front . She was confused . Totally confused . The members at home and all her neighbours ,, colleagues , mostly all people around in their concern and care for her ..telling her this and that finally confused her so much that now she was out of focus from what she wanted :) . She was so worried for she was afraid if her decisions could go wrong .
She took her mobile and messaged her dearest sensible friend Ojal , a very sweet person trustworthy , and just an sms , she was able to tell her friend the state of her mind !
Ojal said , Anvesha ..."Just walk th…

Back here to scribble my thoughts .. took a long break .. Well i went out on a short trip to my native "God's Own Country" and then came back . Had to take up my Viva for my MBA !!! All done .. but then again another short hindrance .. it was our shifting of house .Now finally in to the game ... rolling back again with thoughts flow back in to action !!
Well i am just wondering as to what has to be written .. Not that topics are scarce but then they are too many that am now wondering what am i to start after a long break !!!!???
Hmm ... Well i think i can talk about grilled chicken and a bowl of curd !!
Funny topic yes .. it is .. I am a pure veggie and even purely non veggies do not use this combo (is what i have heard!)
I am talking of this because this is some thing so uncommon and yet i have a wonderful friend of mine who is also my colleague loves chicken for curd rice :D
So when i watch her enthusiasm when she thi…