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It has been days i have been blogging .. Today i am to write about one of my very old friend ,.. rather my 5th and 6th class friend who wanted me to write about his name .. Well i know it is a long time due . but then its always" better late than never" :)

Well every name has some speciality .. be it ramu ,somu , pappu , kittu or any Tom , dick harry or even the strange like green,grass , blue .. or even Q some name i have heard ...
My friend has a very beautiful name "Santosh" A name that colours happiness .. This is a name that is very Indian because this is from various languages of our country where it means "Being happy". Every child as an individual is a joy added to our life .So should have been his parents for his arrival named him so .. well that is the same for every person who has that name. The name is to reflect the very being of one's individuality .My friend is one such person who as i have seen him lived up to his name .. A very bright boy he always had a smile living up to his beautiful name "Santosh".
I have had known him for just 2 years he used to be one among the ones i fought , played but now thanks to technology we have been able to atleast try being in contact again. He is still the same with a very lovely smile spreading the beautiful fragrance of liveliness and happiness around a person of very strong sense of principle(hope so snatosh;))he s a person who looks at the very big problem with his very own trademark smile and feels that nothing is that problematic and can be taken care of !It is said happiness helps ones mind to be open and this sharpenns ones creativity . And trust me he is one of the most creative person i have met in life. His drawings and mimicries and drama are all still green in my memory !

A name like "Santosh" as i said is Happiness / Now what is happiness ??
It varies with individual perception . For me writing a poem , wearing a black cap, drinking my favourite juice in my favorite mug , sitting in the beach , speaking with my dearest friends, all little things . Well for someone else it could be travelling abroad , sleeping the whole day , wearing a designers wear or whatever!!What ever it is; it is a state of mind when the mind is satisfied with what it has sought after and what it has achieved. Hence it varies with every individual . But finally the result is going to be same. It spreads and multiplies multifold and it is too contagious that it cannot leave the other with a frown !It emotes teh positive nerves within spreading an aura of positive vibrations around and this is a healthy way of living .
It happens with more of some qualities being imbibed from within . The quality of being unselfish , honesty , sharing , loving , forgiving , being calm and clear about ones life , goals and always reflecting such an attitude with a sweet cute curve in face that really sets right every thing else.

Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see a bird that has the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.
--Dale Carnegie

Happiness always comes to us .. we can never go insearch of it for the human mind is so helpless that in search of happiness one tends to lose even the self ! We must be like those beautiful flowers smiling at the way of life , loving and spreading the fragrance of love , trust , happiness and peace with hope that we live yet another day by being of some use to the society and the self too and also justifying the very fact as to our existence . We must be like the flower all blooming with a new hope , opening up thanking the Providence , swaying happily to the tune of life yet standing firm and never falling down till its time .. and surely the butterflies of happiness will hover about us that can make the rest of the world a lovely world to live in !

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world. Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.
--Tom Bodett

Be yourself ...
Well Santosh .. you have a great future .. take care .. keep smiling :) live up to your name which i know that you do !:)

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

Adios !

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