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Am tagged !!!!

Hmmm ... Never did i think will i get this honour :) and that too from one of my most favourite blogger !!!Yes Ms.Priya has tagged me .. and how could i make her wait .. :) haina ??
So here we go ...
Memories are all sweet .. Any memory is etched in our hearts and not mind !
Summer time has been fun for me ...
I remember every summer right since my small childhood since 1st :) thanks to my memory ..
well i have been a traveller (though it has been just within my native God's own Country and Tamil Nadu the sweet neighbour) i have been to nearly 8 schools ..
so you can imagine !
Most of the summer would go in packing and shifting to a new place and getting accustomed to the new locale...We ie me and my sibling would be busy at home helping mom with some very little tit bits of packing and shifting and also enjoy looking at the old things which would have been up in loft during those days .
Then moving to that new house would mean decorating and designing .. them .
This continued and at times we would travel to our granny's place(my most favourite place) or to my maternal uncles place where we had a mast time .. just ouir very small games with cousins or just with ourselves was so enjoyable that i wish at times if we could have been kids for a little longer ( though its nice to grow )
My summer hols during my 5th std .. was the time when i went to my uncle's place. All had a cycle there and every one knew .. except me :( and i wished if someone could teach me that ! But who would for i was a little teddy :D so who can manage me .. he he ..
so i then learnt the most important lesson .. always do learn things on your own !And i learnt it .. all alone .. I did have the best experiences of falling in to the pits !!! drains !!! Lo .. how many have laughed at my state .. but then before i did leave for my place i did manage to ride a bicycle:)
Never can i forget that summer . It was very traumatic summer time for me then .. but now when i think i enjoy with a smile :)
At home me and my little sibling had the maximum fun . We would have all sorts of games , carroms , chess , math games , puzzles and even funny like book competition(BC)as we called where we will have a game of reading the maximum number of story books ina day !
My most favourite summers have been my days at my last high school years at Choza naadu :)
Loved those days for my best friends all from that place and the summer hols meant visits every other day and talking and wishing to get back to school so that we could be together always ..
It was March end and we had just taken up our final annual exams .
My best friend or the bestest friend came in during the last before exam with eyes welled up telling that she was to leave for her uncle(chittappa'S) house at Blore from her enext academic year .And that was it !
I remember crying and crying .. after which the 1st week of Summers was so very dull that i mever did anything at all ......
Finally the D day arrived , we all friends decided to give her the parting visit so that she left for her uncle's place and went there only waiting to be fooled !
Yes she did fool each one of us !!!!April fools hahaha ..
Then came the most awaited year 10th vacation . after all the public exams went for Mumbai . The fun travelling for 2 nights in train with whole bunch of cousins playing cards was awesome experience . Never knew the time passing by .
Final year at school meant more studies and decision on what was to be done after 12th !!!
But we still had the maximum fun freaking out with friends and then back again to packing and shifting home to the metro!!!

Chennai has the hottest summers .. I enjoyed even the college times with water pots here for couldnt move to native during these holdidays with my sibling appearing for board exams :)
Will those days come back . Now a summer holiday can be just a sunday !!Yes job in hand and also studies final !!:)
what to do . project period is also tough but yet interesting . !!
every other day had been fun for me .. not just summerzs ... but summers did have their own identity !

Hope i have explained it quiet k :)

Priya what say;)?

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