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Music of life- Silent notes

The night had set in,
the body wished for rest,
sleep was what i wanted;
but - my mind was not ready.
I wanted to sit by the window ,
music unleashing its effect
in to my soul.
The gentle breeze kissed me
silently brushing past my soul
in to an eternal peace
i closed
my eyes
the music was still on
involuntary tapping of fingers and my feet
in rhyme with that of the music
i knew my cheeks were wet
with silent tears flowing down
as i hummed the song
i knew i was emotional .
I realised that my mind was stirred
by a wonderful note played in the music of life
silently i closed ....
smiling at the beauty of life!

It has been days i have been blogging .. Today i am to write about one of my very old friend ,.. rather my 5th and 6th class friend who wanted me to write about his name .. Well i know it is a long time due . but then its always" better late than never" :)

Well every name has some speciality .. be it ramu ,somu , pappu , kittu or any Tom , dick harry or even the strange like green,grass , blue .. or even Q some name i have heard ...
My friend has a very beautiful name "Santosh" A name that colours happiness .. This is a name that is very Indian because this is from various languages of our country where it means "Being happy". Every child as an individual is a joy added to our life .So should have been his parents for his arrival named him so .. well that is the same for every person who has that name. The name is to reflect the very being of one's individuality .My friend is one such person who as i have seen hi…
AA..AAAAh !Adulation !!

Hmmm Finally the D day has arrived ...
I switched on the news channel ..The speakers blare .. and the news correspondent speaks .."I am .. at Ash-Abhi wedding .. The .. whole place looks so damn bautiful ..the crowd is all restless to catch the glimpse of the wedlocks ..the Here we see Mr.... and Mrs. arrive in a red sherwani and a green sadi .. !!!:)
Well i am talking about the hyped Ash Abhi wedding .
So this is life . I am not commenting on the way the wedding is being conducted .It sounds great since finally the two stars .. tie a knot .. and this has to be a celebration !
But then why do we have a hype over such a thing !Indians do adulate the film stars a lot . Which is the reason why the papers , the media all concentrate on covering such issues . Had there been a charity show and we see the stars there.. well highlighting that is different, A private affair goes public!Why so much hype . I am not AGAINST ASH OR ABHI ..WELL BOTH ARE GREAT PERSON .. ESP…
Belated Birthday Wishes ..

Well i never knew my blog has turned one this April 17th .. its so quick and fast ..
I am just jotting down a very funny poem but a poem that speaks my heart .. my feelings.

Gratitude is what is the most important feeling one must have to be a beautiful human!
I thank each one of the fellow blogger who have taken pains to read( or go through ) my blog and even great enough to post their thoughts too ..
Thanks to each .. esp peopke who have been regularly visiting my site !!!:) thanks .

Born in April ,
An arian ,
She was my Dream ,
My passion -
for i tried reflecting my
energy , my vibrancy
my thoughts through her .

Named her after the way
as our brain is entangled
"IDEASNET" for that is what
knits the way of life ..
thoughts ...
Every single action
is a spark of our ideas.
For without a spark a fire will not start ...
She keeps my thoughts burning ..
she is my passion ...

Thanks ..a word
sweet and great that
i take privilege for having
helped her grow the wa…

Hey dear friends ..
am back ..
Was held up with some work .. and couldnt come online...
Well So finally the regional new year bash is also over ..
Had a beautiful Vishu .. a calm yet masti Tamil New year !Now back to work ..
Vishu is a beautiful festival .. A new year that is so graceful i really enjoy this
festival time . It is the date when the new year which is the "Medam" month starts
This is a festival or the day when the sun is scientifically said to rise exactly in the east .Vishu is a festival that shows richness/ ripeness / bounty and prosperity in all means .. be it health, wealth and food ...
The day starts bit early with the rising sun or even before that . People wake up especially the women and go to the room where we would have kept the"Vishu Kani" ready .
"A reasonably sized Uruli is used to arrange the Kani. Uruli is an open-mouthed shallow circular vessel made out of bell metal. It is available in all sizes …
Life Is a Piece of Cake !!!!

Cakes .. hmmmm,.. mouth watering for many .. yummy delicious !! aint they ?
Well cakes are the best sweet dish that most of us would love .. Well i love despite the fact am a veggie :) i love cakes .. baked / plum/fruit / cream / butter whatever be it !:)
So we use a cake in for many things . We use that for every happy occasion . We buy a cake for a Birthday , a wedding day , any day say valentines , mothers day , fathers day . or whatever be it !
It is an awesome feel to see the cake lit with candles .. yummy delicious and then cut and share it to the rest of the family members !
Well i happened to read in some forwarded mail that i got about the story of a piece of cake . I have adapted that theme as my articles theme today !
Yes , It is about life .Man in his / her life always face many situations where they feel that they are tested (including me ) We feel dejected .We feel lost
We lack confidence. That is how life goes.
We lose trust in God !But then i hav…
Am tagged !!!!

Hmmm ... Never did i think will i get this honour :) and that too from one of my most favourite blogger !!!Yes Ms.Priya has tagged me .. and how could i make her wait .. :) haina ??
So here we go ...
Memories are all sweet .. Any memory is etched in our hearts and not mind !
Summer time has been fun for me ...
I remember every summer right since my small childhood since 1st :) thanks to my memory ..
well i have been a traveller (though it has been just within my native God's own Country and Tamil Nadu the sweet neighbour) i have been to nearly 8 schools ..
so you can imagine !
Most of the summer would go in packing and shifting to a new place and getting accustomed to the new locale...We ie me and my sibling would be busy at home helping mom with some very little tit bits of packing and shifting and also enjoy looking at the old things which would have been up in loft during those days .
Then moving to that new house would mean decorating and designing .. them .
This cont…
Are we searching for an answer to stay alive ?
Are we looking for a reason to be kind ???

Pray for me brother ....

Pray for me brother
Pray for me brother
Pray for me sister
Are you searchin’….
Pray for me brother

Lookin’ for the answers To all the questions In my life
Will I be alone Will you be there By my side
Is it something he said Is it something he did
I wonder why He is searchin’ For the answers
To stay alive

Could you ever listen Could you ever care
To speak your mind
Only for a minute For only one moment
In time

The joy is around us But show me the love
That we must find
Are you searchin’ For a reason to be kind, to be kind…
He said… Pray for me brother

Pray for me brother Pray for me sister
Pray for me brother Say
what you wanna say now
But keep your hearts open
Be what you wanna be now
Let’s heal the confusion
Pray for me brother

Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give
Don’t be afraid Just let me live
Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give
Don’t be afraid Say what you wanna say now
But keep you…