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Mozhi- The language !
A movie with a soul !

We watch a movie with an idea we can relax and some watch so that one gets to know more about life ! These days entertainment industry is buzzing with activities and each industry (statewise) is trying to make a mark by making a movie or documentry that will be recognised .
Making a movie is not that easy . It does require a lot of dedication , mindpower , positive thoughts , imagination , ready to take risk and of course people who fit the bill and money !So any small movie that is made has so many efforts of many "N" number of people both off and on screen.
After a very long time i watched a beautiful movie .. i would say it was a poem .. that was beautifully scripted and acted rather painted on screen by some best talents of the South Indian film industry.

Yes MOZHI ... a tamil movie directed by Radha Mohan and produced by the Veteran actor and producer my favourite Prakash Raj it has Prithvi raj, the Prince charming from the God's own country (my fav among the young heroes) and Jothika the beautiful actor who rocked the tamil industry and now is settled happily with her very handsome and popular hubby at home as a house wife !Then comes the dansuese Swarnamalya . Then there are many beautiful characters and people who have really wonderfully portrayed their characters; but i do not know their names .

Mozhi" is the first thing that itself is an attraction in the movie , the very title is lovely .
The movie is a normal love story again and has many dance and music scenes as is the case with any Indian movie.
The love story when is always seen is just yet another movie type but not with this one . Comedy is the forte .People who wish to laugh their heart out then please do take my words and watch this one . Every dialogue is aptly timed that laughter is like a mix with the story's script .
Every actor would love to work in a movie that he or she can watch it with his future generation then this has to be the one !
No nonsense is the best word that can fit in for the work of the entire team of Mozhi .Be it the make up , the attire , the dance , music and the acting or cinematography (though i am not that clear with that since am ignorant )it is a total package for a feel good movie and entertainment . People can watch this and is worth more than the money spend !
Music by Vidyasagar and the Lyrics by Vairamuthu are so good that music does stay in the hearts of the listener . One song by the great SPB is beautifully rendered by the Legend that i still wonder if he is old !!!
But this song is not that catchy or doesnt really gel with the lyrics though the rest of them do .

The story is the love story between a deaf and dumb girl and a musician .It is a story that brings in the most important message that language neednt be there to convey our love (be it any form ) all it takes is a big heart with love.It is a story that shows that each one of us in this world have our own set of problems despite the fact one may look happy outwardly .A movie that makes one ponder about the fact why still are we having some barrier to come out !It brings out the spirit of an individual .A strikingly beautiful theme that has been poetically shot and essayed with ease by every actor on screen !
In this beautiful world we have many languages and among them we also have one language the language of silence . Yes it is also a language that many do not understand .
Our heart speaks the language of Love and this is what people need to realise to have a better life !
As simple as it is ..
a few lines of the song .. Kaatrin mozhi ..

iyarkeyin mozhigal purinthu vidu
manitharin mozhigal thevai-illai
ithaiyathin mozhigal purinthu vidu
manitharikku mozhiye thevai-illaii

It means ..
If one understands the language of nature , then man doesnt need any language and if one understands the language of heart then man doesnt even require a language !

A must watch so please do not miss ..
Will write more tomm ........

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