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A beautiful Death or Dying beautifully !

Life moves on .. and on ... One day all of us here would have to bade goodbye to this beautiful world and all members on it for, we need to start a new journey called the Death !You may wonder how could somebody speak of death in such a manner.Well, i know it is a fact or a thing that will happen and will have to happen and none can deny it.. It will HURT A LOT WHEN YOU GET TO HEAR THAT FROM ANY ONE KNOWN OR EVEN UNKNOWN .....but then we need to accept this.
I am writing this article for one reason . I happened to hear somebody talk about the fact that people would always prefer choosing beauty over brains !Why do people choose beauty ??? Because each one of us feel that we are not "AS BEAUTIFUL AS......"Well , yes .. we all know we are beautiful but when we rank where are we????
Isn't that what hurts you ?
Why do people go in for all surgery , plastic surgery , body changing, slimming etc?I do not say that these are bad ,for looks are also important and they make us more confident from within!
If ,I feel that my changing looks or a make over will make me appear much better and feel more confident the way i handle myself or carry myself then I strongly opine that then we can go for such a treatment. But when it comes with the fact that we compare ourselves with another person ... and say we look bad ...??? That is what is happening !I can groom me better to feel the difference but changing what i have just because i feel i do not match my friend or a neighbour or a personality! is mere rubbish.
I cannot be a Angelina Jolie .I cannot be a Halle Berry , a Sushmitha sen , a Rani Mukherjee, a Leonardo de Caprio , a Aamir Khan or a Hrithik Roshan or a Manju Warrior , a Kushboo or a Simran.... or any Tom Dick or Harry !
I can be only me !

God has send me with two small eyes with dark brown berries in :D, a nose , a kind of round face, chubby cheeks with 3 holes !!! and yes a head with nothing much within nor out !!!:D [P.S- Do not be scared for this is what i am :D .. cute in my own way ;)]
Now then why do i compare with you or someone else on the street ? If i see them i can say "Wow ! she is gorgeous !!"Well there I admire one beautiful creation of God. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder !.Well Aishwarya Rai may be among the most beautiful women on earth but then there are people who feel she is just an ice maiden !!! There are those who comment as "there are people who are better looking than her".So it is all with in us to look at something and feel that it is beautiful .We have to grow ,live,live and live until we die one day! That is the day when you will not be any more beautiful as what you pursue beauty to be !So dying beautifully is not possible ! :)
This is not entirely true again . We can have a beautiful death that can make us look even more beautiful !We can be what we are , serve the mankind , work selflessly , give up all our greed , learn to treat people kindly ,shower a word of love ,gift them a heavenly genuine smile , a magic sense of kiss , a affectionate welcoming warm eyes ...well one needn't just be a philanthrophist who will give money .. even otherwise one can die rich .. so try reaching a beautiful death ..
I want people to say when I die , "She had a beautiful death and so she was beautiful !"
I still say i am NOT THE ONLY BEAUTIFUL GIRL .. BUT I AM BEAUTIFUL IN MY OWN WAY !!!I am beautiful when i listen to someone who needs me ,when I smile at someone and make her feel happy ,I share my lunch, i give water to a thirsty throat , I soothe a crying soul or any little help for that matter .. i am beautiful .. So are each one of you .But then I know the world may not know me like it knows the Miss world or a miss universe or a ramp model ..But i do know that my world (my best friends , my kith and kin) knows me as a beautiful person inside out . !
So try to live life to the fullest .. give and share .. smile and care .. for we know not how long we have to spare !!

A beautiful Death or Dying beautifully ! Choice is ours ..

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