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Dreams !

Dreams rule me .. Why just me ? So is it for every man every person !
I can quote what Swami Vivekananda;
Our dreams will come true . I always belive that to dream , to be passionate about it and then to be always optimistic that our dream will come true .. it will!!!Yes when one is depressed one tends to think the other way and at times we lose hope but then when we go down on hopes trust God and leave the rest ..
Following the Holy Gita .."Do your duty , rewards will follow "
Trust , and God will be forced to keep up our trust in Him !!
So always dream .. and dream and dream .....follow them passionately and we will surely reach them.
The big picture !

Serene was the surrounding ,
With the scented breeze brushing past.
There I stood beneath the canopy
of that lovely big tree !

Green shrubs guarded the place
With big barks bending to base.
Fruits fell ripe on earth
and few just dropped down dead !

On the branch above
held a cosy nest,
mothering three small birdies
that squeaked day and night
till the mother
came back to feed !

Lovely was the nest
for I climbed to see...
quills and cotton
waste that was forgotten
Made a cosy cradle
for those lovely little birdies .

Shells lay scrambled
decorating the home ,
Mother came in with some
diet as good as gold .

Passing days and so the season
time just flies and no more nestlings
Grown,a bird they spread their wings
fending themselves and
fighting for reign !

Nature tells us what life is
none remembers the past
yet one gets carried away with
perceptions so unreal
forgetting things that ought not to be .
Looking at the world
as small as a droplet..
with the big ocean before
lying unrevea…
A beautiful Death or Dying beautifully !

Life moves on .. and on ... One day all of us here would have to bade goodbye to this beautiful world and all members on it for, we need to start a new journey called the Death !You may wonder how could somebody speak of death in such a manner.Well, i know it is a fact or a thing that will happen and will have to happen and none can deny it.. It will HURT A LOT WHEN YOU GET TO HEAR THAT FROM ANY ONE KNOWN OR EVEN UNKNOWN .....but then we need to accept this.
I am writing this article for one reason . I happened to hear somebody talk about the fact that people would always prefer choosing beauty over brains !Why do people choose beauty ??? Because each one of us feel that we are not "AS BEAUTIFUL AS......"Well , yes .. we all know we are beautiful but when we rank where are we????
Isn't that what hurts you ?
Why do people go in for all surgery , plastic surgery , body changing, slimming etc?I do not say that th…
Hate not me !

Do not leave me alone
Oh my dear friend ,
My heart longs for thee ,
Thy , why hate me ?

Eyes yearn for your presence
Waiting at the door ,
Thy, why hate me ?

My thoughts paint,
memories as sweet
as the honey
Buddy , am waiting for thee
Then why hate me ?

Heart breaks when;
you know not me.
Turbulent becomes my state
with a surge of shock
that knocks me down,
I plead ,
Oh dear , hate not me !

God is love .
God is my life,
He is the world ,
and is my action.
God is my spirit,
He is my belief,
In him lies my trust,
so lies my goal.

The path for me,
to reach His adobe
is nothing but;
the language of love and kidness to souls.
Serve the poor and feel His presence,
Help the needy and love thy neighbour.
Expect nothing but give without asking,
for He watches us from within.
He is our conscience,
So never betray His thoughts,
for,we are as good as corpse;
if our conscience is at fault.
He is our friend , He is our guide
He is our light
thus , He our God !

He is our conscinece
and only fear Him in your life !
Let He be your guide , let He be your soul,
let He be your all.
Listen to His voice , tune in to His music ,
Trust this Best friend forever and ever.....

Conscience is the soul of one's life .. We live a life with so many people around . But i always believe that one's best friend is just oneself!
So always listen to the whisper of your conscience .. and watch your steps ..…
Speaking petals !

Two beautifully shaped petals lie close by,
Milk white fluid paint the surface.
A small brown pearl
decorates the white,
That gives the soul
A vision, to live.
Lying adjacent ;
never do they see the other.
Yet ;
the emotions do not miss
the either.
That if one hurt ,
then weeps the other.
They open and close in union,
With beautiful black frills
to protect them.
Work and play all happens
together .
Speaking emotions,
and mirroring what's within ;
They never lie,
Never betray and ;
Never deny.
Lie or love,
Trust or fear,
Cold or warmth,
None can miss
If one sees
Such is the power of these
Beautiful petals.
Care them,
Love them,
And donate them.
For,the -
One who has,
never knows
The dark!

Photo courtesy - google search
A silent Promise

A small brook ,
down the path
With scented breeze ,
And clear blue sky
with cushions of white
here and there.
Pebbles seated unevenly
yet decorating the earth
So royally .
Water flows with a music
that tickles the soul .
Birds flock
like a happy reunioun.
Trees bloomed in red and white
Grass speaks humbleness
Eyes wish for more
All the while ,
Hands clasped with
One's Sweetheart !
I call it a paradise;
where even-
Silence is communicative.
Heart, beats in a rythmn,
Nature shows what Love is .
Wishing for an entire
lifetime of togetherness,
they walk,
in uniformity
Still close -
Silently promising ,
Love and trust
from deepest of hearts
and thoughts !
Lonely thoughts .....

False is the world ,
false every promise .
love and trust ;
all total strangers.

These may sound like some ;
anthem for few.
But a few still;
unheard , follow the -
path of life all blindfolded.
So am I !
I do see everyday ,
a disaster that,shakes;
the roots of my heart.

A voice of love,
a smiling face,
all don a painted look.
Neither true
Nor trustable.


We walk behind treading
the same path.
Rising every time
we fall .
yet repeating the same.

Somewhere deep within me lies;
the clear , still water.
yes,they do run deep!
Deep in thoughts
deep within me.

The angels smile above me
for so do i ...
Writing all the pain with a smile
on my face

Haunting melodies
sing deep within me
keeping me awake
all through my life
love and trust is what i
wish for
for i know peace will follow

Depressed though i am
My heart beats
every minute reminding
me that someone is there
for me ...

I am there forever !
I still hear the heart beat ....
The Wall hanging !

Long rugged fingers
played adeptly ;
on the baked earth.
Beautifully shaping out a
form that soothes
the eyes.
Brightly coloured;it
looked sparklingly
artistic .
Hands mould with dedication ,
a passion,that created
a non yet a living thing.
Making a life for the
talented few;
adoring the homes of the filthy rich.
A beauty beyond words
that ; a look at them make us wonder-
Did that earth ever think
that it would decorate
a wall so brightly ?
The Puzzle called life !

Life is an open book .
but sometimes it looks;
an unanswered riddle .
A puzzle !
with so many wishes like a ,
question mark ?

World seems large,
but is so small.
A small circle ,
that every man gets a chance to meet ;
his past,
at one time of his life.
It is like a painting,
that still smells,the fragrance of his past;
brightening his present, and-
beautifully shaping his future .

Shades of gray ;coloured -
amidst the vibrant reds and blues.
Know not what is in store;
but treading the road of life ..
with just a smile on face
and a hope in heart.
holding tight the faith
in the way of life !
Yaadein ...


This is the first attempt to post my hindi poem in the blog !Though i pen at times .. i thought let these be there in the blog as a memory (yaad) ... later years ..:)
this is about those memories that bring in a smile ....

picture courtesy :- google
Those Cherished memories..

I do not know, but-
my mind is not still;
turbulent are my thoughts,
all run in a pace that
comprehending my state is very difficult.
I am tired !
trying to control myself,
aware that I am ;
nothing ,stays with one for ever;
Mind still is adamant.
Failing to accept the
way of life entirely .
Sentimental is not my way,
but I am these days ,
barred behind the emotional thoughts.
Tears flow without any pause ,
with thoughts about my dear ones run within.
moist cheeks, wandering thoughts ;
eyes resemble an overflowing pot .
I travel down the sweet memory lanes;
beloved hearts all across the world ,
beats at least once in my thought .
nearness now is just a dream-
but memories like those are just so sweet.
that near or far loved ones
always live in ones thoughts ...
so close and dear ..
Mozhi- The language !
A movie with a soul !

We watch a movie with an idea we can relax and some watch so that one gets to know more about life ! These days entertainment industry is buzzing with activities and each industry (statewise) is trying to make a mark by making a movie or documentry that will be recognised .
Making a movie is not that easy . It does require a lot of dedication , mindpower , positive thoughts , imagination , ready to take risk and of course people who fit the bill and money !So any small movie that is made has so many efforts of many "N" number of people both off and on screen.
After a very long time i watched a beautiful movie .. i would say it was a poem .. that was beautifully scripted and acted rather painted on screen by some best talents of the South Indian film industry.

Yes MOZHI ... a tamil movie directed by Radha Mohan and produced by the Veteran actor and producer my favourite Prakash Raj it has Prithvi raj, the Prince charming from the God&#…
The child by the window sill !

I saw her by the window sill,
curly locks fell in front ,
Her dark brown eyes never
conveyed the pain within .
cheeks all flushed pink,
she stood looking
at the lovely butterflies
circumlating the fragrant red roses.
Her smile painted a dimple on her
chubby little cheeks
that people who saw her
felt she was the little angel
from heaven .
for she was among the
favourites of God.
God was her only parent
He took her parents away
though it was the man made blast
that paved the way .

It was easy to tell
for the people around that God
loved her the most and so took
them away
but none can read what
was deep within that
sweet little heart.
Still wondering ,why her mom
never came to hug her with
warm kisses ;
nor her dad with the pink sugar
candies ..
she stood by that sill
hoping to see them back again .

This is a poem that i dedicate to all the families , children , women ,parents and men who have lost their loved ones in the blasts happening all across the world !
God ple…
Sea--A marvellous composition of Mother nature !

Sea or Ocean , however is it known is one of my most favourite spot ! well i am sure most of us would love it !
I love to sit and watch the waves rushing towards the shore !Who doesnt ?Even people with water phobia would not want to miss the treat of the Beautiful sun - sinking in or rising ! A treat for eyes .....
A treat for the eyes , yes may be; but also a treat for the mind too , for they tell us what we do not know .
Earth is covered with 70% water and 30% land ( of course there is shortage of water to consume !) We are surrounded by some thing that has been named as the Elixir of life !
Sea is a beautiful poem , a poem that has a rythmn and a melody that tunes in with the flow of life . I would like to address Sea as She and Her, since feminine qualities are linked to sea .
A great beauty is a treat for the eye and so is this beautiful bed of water .
Rivers and lakes and ponds all are form of water but the most turbulent among the…