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Dont Ever Give Up !

Anonymous poet's beautiful verses !
I do not remember where i happened to read this beautiful poem ,Whatever it is I
just liked it .It is a poem that can be read and re read to boost our spirits !
Whoever is the poet I slaute him/her for these verses.. so beautiful !

I almost gave in I almost lost
This day almost got to me
In to the air my hands I tossed
Almost walked away almost cried
Almost threw caution in to wind
Happiness for myself
I almost denied..
Then I felt a brush of love against my face
Wings wrapped around me in a warm embrace
I heard a whisper in to my ear
“Don’t ever give up, I am right here “!
Meenu back ..Overflowing Pots of Pongal !!!

It has been really long since I wrote something. Well all work just took me away I cannot though put the blame entirely on the work schedule. It is also for the fact that my dearest pc was sick! Yes hard disk crash or be it whatever in computer terminology.
Topic marriage is still left as I have promised I will do write the next part but then it will be in the later part not now. As of now I have the best topic,
The New Year has gone by and we have had yet another new month the January the month of pongal for the Tamils and the rest of India see it as the makara month the month of goodness and prosperity! Yes a season of marriages again.
There are lots of things happening in and around the world and its changing in a speed that is really difficult to comprehend.
My pongal went on well and I had the best season for the very reason that I had my best friend Dava as she is called with me at home.
Well what did we do? Nothing that great like dis…