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Watching the movie on the Christmas day, a very beautifully directed movie “Perumazhakalaam” by Kamal, in Asianet .I just felt like watching that just for the rains in which it was picturised.That movie did really take me down the memory lane, of my earlier days when I had to trot down to school either by a rickshaw or by walk amidst the downpour.
A person from the God’s own country I really love rain. The shower from the heaven is what I had some idea some time back as a child.
Rain lashing across and watering the earth is a real angelic beauty .My most favorite season is the season of rains .The rain and the aftermath is really troublesome, yes it has to be since there are no ways by which one would love to reach their work place in all puddles and dirt stuck on their dress .! But then the rain is one of those loveliest phenomenons that the Mother Nature has gifted us.
As is said that every creature teaches us something in life. We can see that rain also has something to teach.
How does it rain?
It rains after water droplets are being evaporated from earth on to the sky with the help of sunlight and that saturates to form the beautiful dusky clouds. Oops dark clouds and then it then bursts out the shower of those lovely droplets!
As is already said, we have to learn a lot from everything we see in life.
Rain also teaches us a lot and this is one thing.
How does it rain?
It rains after the evaporation of water from the earth .It absorbs water from the ocean , the lake , river and even the water from the canals and the ditches .Be it whatever it does come out in the form of a pure drop of water .

So be anywhere never give up your integrity ,Its like no body can change you without your interest .But if the change is for good we can change or rather its better we change .Rain splashes the vibrancy the mood of liveliness . We may feel cozy to be at home but then we do things so quickly that we have that energy we never laze!
Like for example we have the clothes that we would have hung out on the rods and if u senses the rain we just rush to bring them down.
Rain lashing out on the window panes, cleaning the dust borne trees that are in the city and all look lush green so beautiful , so enchanting and so pleasant for the eyes ,
Yes we do have the torrential rains that do cause damages to the public life .It teaches us anything that goes beyond a limit then it would seem too difficult .to actually sustain that down pour.
Life is about sharing and caring ,.We could see that we have been in a life where one needs the other for though each one has to be individually independent we do seek others help in one form or the other .
This was revealed in the heavy rains that lashed across the city of Mumbai and also Chennai and we found people who help the others selflessly. Now it is not that it was just the rains that taught us this even the other disasters both man made and the natural did show this but since am talking about the rains I just thought to quote this .
Rain is strong inspiration for the poets who get their rhythm of words gelling in with that of this beautiful pitter patter of water.
It is also a special interest for the musicians and dancers. It is a mood that many like and try to enact in their art forms .Like the dancing peacocks before the rains.
It is of course a mystic beauty for the lovers or the romantically flowered people.
The youngsters love to walk down in rain holding hands of their beloved very close to their heart and even many movies have picturised love in rain! (Though artificially created)
It is a pleasure for the kids since it means paper boats and puddles and what other joy can one feel when one splashes on the muddy pools however dirty they are .
Yes I have not forgotten the smell of the beautiful earth … when the first drops fall down though one cannot think about that in a city .We need to close our nose for one may start hating a rain.
Yes of course it also shows one more thing that is the hot cup of tea that one can have sitting on a cozy sofa either with the music on or a book in hand!
What ever it is it just enthralls me when I hear the music of rain ….
Rain.. Rains in my heart a sweetness of nature. , the lush green trees and plants the beautiful peacocks and the overflowing rivers …..
Rain is a beautiful pleasure, drenching in the rains for hours together do give us a weeks rest /off from the routine ;) hai na!
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