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Learnings from a share auto

These days I am using different means on the road to reach my place of work( and worship!
for work is worship na;)).One that i use so constantly is the Share auto a boon and
also sometimes tiresome too..
But then it is a great system of transport ( i say system because they have their own associations and forums ),So these share autos do have some  rules of their own .It is really useful and also good and yesterday's incident did really make me feel good about them.I usually board a share auto in  morn and then eve and thentake two bus .. and i have seen some faces who arefamiliar since i see them every other day .The  share auto i was in , dropped one passenger and then he asked him for the amount .He found that  the boy did not have a change and he just left him ...What a generosity !
But the man did not have a good start or whatever it is , his auto's tyre was down! flat !...
and all the passengers got off and took some other auto similarly .I was one among them .I had 
already paid that earlier auto man the whole amount since it was just a stopping away though was a little too much to walk down.
So when i got to another auto and asked for the pay he asked me first if i had paid the earlier
auto and when i replied in affirmative he declined the request and said its okay keep the pay
for yourself.My ! i did not know who said Auto drivers are rash .. surely not that person.
Now this share auto travel gives a lot of time to think unlike the  auto or bus travel for in bus we
will try our best not be squeezed in between people but in auto you do have your own place and you can watch people and think.Words do trigger the mind and then we get the flow of thoughts 
that gush through you as one sits observing human behaviour!We can see many people and all
have their own identity .Every action they do it is more like a work lab for the psychologists or human behaviour analysts who can surely observe the human behaviour.
The jerks , the halts , the breaks carry a lot of values since they show the best of human behaviour and body language or facial expressions ..ome times we blame the auto men to be mean and charge a lot but i have seen eventhe passenger doing that .I remember when i got in to the auto and along with me another lady gotin.But when we almost reached the destination and it was time to pay the lady gave her change and when he asked 
"enga mma erinenga" that is where did you board she said engathaan nungambakkam !
I was shocked at her bluntness ,And that fellow did not know and he returned the change .So this is what i see, the true colour of life , or human nature . Who will think about
a rich clad lady ( not very rich ! ie why she is using shaS auto) but considerably educated ,
working woman to behave like this ? And we think about people in terms of such criteria
to judge a person !Mistakes are pardonable if we do that just once and realise it and do
not commit again .Here it is entirely different still people go for the other dimensions to 
measure the worth of a person !We can also see one thing that people can grow a lot by sharing .An auto driver will earn less surely at least Rs.10 less than a share auto and there is a lot that we need to know that these autos do really great service and they are good in their own self .Look for the positives and that is the reason i am not mentioning about the other negatives thatcan be there ..Oh ! my just a share auto and so  much to learn ?
That is life ..Learn from every creature , every mode ...
keep learning !Its fun !


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