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One of my very good friend wanted me to post a blog on the topic of marriage .
Hmm I do not know if I can do write about it the way my friend wanted or not!
Marriage. It’s a bonding; it’s a connection, a name that gives birth to many a number of relations in this world!
Marriage is a bond between the two opposite genders and this bond that is named in front of the society and is secured.
Two people married are more secured than the ones who are not. This is a sacred institution for all. There are many religions and caste and all ( whatever ) everyone values the relationship called as marriage , Who does not celebrate one's marriage day and even In the years after the bond this is remembered as similar to that of a birthday , so it means it is a day of new birth a new lease of life for both I would mean be it the girl or a boy , In Indian culture we have a method that irrespective of any caste or religion the girl goes to the new family some even take the girl with a new …

Watching the movie on the Christmas day, a very beautifully directed movie “Perumazhakalaam” by Kamal, in Asianet .I just felt like watching that just for the rains in which it was picturised.That movie did really take me down the memory lane, of my earlier days when I had to trot down to school either by a rickshaw or by walk amidst the downpour.
A person from the God’s own country I really love rain. The shower from the heaven is what I had some idea some time back as a child.
Rain lashing across and watering the earth is a real angelic beauty .My most favorite season is the season of rains .The rain and the aftermath is really troublesome, yes it has to be since there are no ways by which one would love to reach their work place in all puddles and dirt stuck on their dress .! But then the rain is one of those loveliest phenomenons that the Mother Nature has gifted us.
As is said that every creature teaches us something in life. We can see that rain also has something to teach.
How …
Working nights and the sleeping morns !

Night has set in and now human and all so called normal creatures do go to bed for rest …sleep .And the first golden rays of the sun sinking in on the earth they awake thinking and praying for a good day ahead .Well some so called lazy people do not wake up so early but even then do wake up possibly a little late but still it’s the morn time.
Every man has his own working style .Like me! For example I love the night and the e morn is a tough time for me..I love working at nights may be bcos am a Libran and Librans hate noise and crowd …May be bcos of that I love working at night..Right from 7 or so my day begins .Mind you its pm …. J
Now there are many or let me say most of my friends who say meena you are not doing something that will be good for you .But then I do not know If its my perception or what I can work the best at nights .I think fast work even faster for me the day has to be from 7 pm to 7 am.. I.e. I am talking about my working hours.…
Learnings from a share auto

These days I am using different means on the road to reach my place of work( and worship!
for work is worship na;)).One that i use so constantly is the Share auto a boon and
also sometimes tiresome too..
But then it is a great system of transport ( i say system because they have their own associations and forums ),So these share autos do have some  rules of their own .It is really useful and also good and yesterday's incident did really make me feel good about them.I usually board a share auto in  morn and then eve and thentake two bus .. and i have seen some faces who arefamiliar since i see them every other day .The  share auto i was in , dropped one passenger and then he asked him for the amount .He found that  the boy did not have a change and he just left him ...What a generosity !
But the man did not have a good start or whatever it is , his auto's tyre was down! flat !...
and all the passengers got off and took some other auto similarly .I was…

Many unknown faces i see everyday ,
Many known whom i , recognise but they fail ;
Still many known whom i ; do know yet do not want to be known .
Every face unique ,yet so familiar .
Face is the index of mind!
how true ! is what you say?
Yet it' s contradictory;
for , Apperances are deceptive!
Now what does one belive in?

Mind is a motor that runs the brain.
Look for, what is right ; not what seems right.
Again I hear a whisper in my mind,
What is "RIGHT"?
I pondered ..
Right is a perception that
makes one , oneself.
Redefining "Me",
is what is essential
to really mould the self ..
Change is the only thing that is permanent
even that changes
so we  change for the best;
but preparing  for the worst.

Life is teaching us all a lot ..
I am getting the best dose .
An average student that i am ,
these verses may not sound good ..
but they are the truth !
and ya i hear you say ..
Truth is bitter!
How very true!

Anyways I hope you didnt find this too boring !For i have just tried my be…
Footprints on the Road of life!

What is that life always gives us to teach .. every walk of life .. We have some lessons in every 
road we walk on., every lane we loiter ... This life now has taken me to a mode of my career , 
my first job.
I learnt one thing that i want every person to understand who is on his/her first mission in life
"Keep your eyes wide open ,Keep your ears wide alert and Mouth shut"
This is not what i am telling something that was told by my boss there at office , the very first advice he has given .What is that meant to be ?We always see that in our life
 we miss out things we dont pay much attention either to our own tasks leave alone the others!
What is important in life-I would say understanding the true self , now that doesnt mean that 
one has to go become a philosopher or a sanyasin no , not at all.
Understanding comes from being committed and also doing things from heart.That can be
done by every single person who lives on earth.He or she neednt necessari…
Oh I  wish i were still at School ! 

It has been many days since i have started blogging again .Am sorry for all those who missed my blog;)! for those who were happy ;D am back again !
Days have been really busy and held up with all my thoughts just focussed on to my job that i am to do ..Its my First love ! ... well cant be sure if i am toooo excited or tooo scared ; but whatever it is a day that am waiting to start working though i am going to be a trainee there up till my project period .
It is just like blink of an eye ... time has just rushed past.. no it would be right to say time has just gone like a proppelling rocket !I still can remember those days of carrying my school bag and a lunch basket with canvas shoes and uniform and ya of course the trade mark two plait hairstyle tied up with ribbons !  I still can sense the smell of the tiffen boxes a school .. My most favourite 
days- the schooldays .I have been to nearly 8 schools; with my dad's transfer so did we had 
to move wi…