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Avyakta stopped writing .. he couldnt believe.. a year and a half has already gone by and now he is done with his final regular semester of the most meritorius PG degree .. the MBA . after all these years of efforts he has managed to scrap a handful of distinctions and an A+ grade in his semsters .With his one semester left he was to do a project for a company and work there.He was now just focussed with the placements that come in the campus and off the campus. He wanted to be in a corporate and then grow up in the ladder . Unlike all the other MBA's he was a little different and had loads of talents and also some very good certificates to prove the same. Like all the top colleges that offer the students a lucrative package of 7 + or minimum of 4 .2+ pa ; he was expecting some pacakage as good as 3 since his was a 10 year old Private college :)Now the placements started and he was too very busy with that prepartion ... Intelligent and different that he was , he was a bright candidate who could be employed... no company would reject him unless they find someone even better than him .
The internet is really doing wonders with having so many job sites where people can search for their dream jobs .
Avyakta didnt want to actually wait for his college to show him placements so he started to look on his own .. He had registerd in some well known sites and he got a call from many companies .He was called by one big famous organisation among those who had called him.
He eagerly awaited the call and he went there all prepared .The job seemed too good since the profile projected that one could actually have a maximum leverage of
ones' talents and potential and it looked a bright option for a wonderful career in HR.The pay was simply stated that it could be negotiable and will be lucrative . The posting was also in the place of his own interest the "Singaara Chennai ".:)
So he went for the interview and after the usual test * ( for him it was a psychometric test ) he was short listed for the interview .
He went ahead there all set to impress the panel .
This was his first round and he was asked all as usual "Interview puranam":D ... like tell me about yourself and all ... . he was able to impress them that they asked him about the pay that he was expecting and he said .. "Sir i expect somwhere around 3 .... " Well their reaction and behaviour told that they were happy too and said .. "Yes yes .. anywyas you have to attend the next round!".
So then came the next round with the top management and he again easily impressed them with his exceptional talents .Now during the final talks he was told .... "See we are ready to even pay you 4 and so we want you to join as early as possible. "Now Avyaktha was overwhelmed .. Wow ! Now he was given even more than what he expected (Customer delight !!!.. he he ...)
He then slowly asked for the perks and other benefits . He was told that he will be paid Rs. 4000 per month and will be able to avail the travel allowance depending on where he was residing .
Avyakta was shocked .. he felt that he had some problem that he had heard all wrong and so wnated to clarify .. so he said .. Sir was that 4 per annum or 4000 per month ?
He got a reply .. "You had asked for just 3 and we will pay you 4 ... which is 4000 per month."You are a fresher right ? so we cant pay you more.....
Avyaktha got from his seat and said very polietly .. "Sir i am sorry ......I am really an MBA worth being paid."
What Avyakta had mentioned as Rs.3 lakh per annum was mistook as Rs.3000 per month..

What an irony is it! that the same talent when is known as a product of the lesser known institue is valued just less..too less .....**
Well this is not anything new... for this has happened even ages ago .. The story of Ekalavya and Karna are example .. well though there it was not based directly the institutes where they were schooled but something similar!
Avyakta now was lying down on his terrace just looking at the stars...No wonder , stars do have an effect . ......
Wishing for a dreamless night he silently closed his eyes.....

Disclaimer :-
The above story is a true incidet though the name of the person who experienced and the college or the company name is not mentioned.

** :- Now this is a valid reason if the IIMs and IITs and other premiere Bschools are given a high pacakage but then that is justified .. since those in the school aree really worth it since they have been enrolled after a series of tough tests and interviews. and also a rigourous training is given and every individual is moulded there to fit in the business arena. But then the other universities though may have some drawback , are no less that those business schools that there has to be such a drastic variation in the pay offered... hmm well that is the "Kaduva sach"

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